Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

I thought for the New Year I would give my Blog a New Look. I am still working on it, but I kinda like it so far. I was thinking about where I was last year this time and I was feeling like I was gaining weight from not running much after knee surgery and eating more than I should have. I have again been eating more than I should have and probably not running as much as I should with some races ahead of me, but I feel good this year. Last year was an amazing year and I don't think that I could have dreamed on January 1, 2007 how it would turn out.

Here is a re-cap of how it all went down...

January--Walt Disney World Half Marathon 2:05:44 Great race but warm conditions in the 70's. Not sure all the people who were still running were happy to see me with my finisher's medal at mile 11.5 when I walked back to get my kid from the TNT hoopla zone. Comments ranged from, "WOW!!! Look at that finisher's medal." to "Fricking fast people!" Hey! I'm not fast, really I'm not.

Houston Half Marathon 1:55:34 One week later, and about 23 degrees cooler! PR Time!!! I felt great on this race.

February--Team in Training Kick Off with my Tri TEAM. I had an amazing group of people to work with this past year. Many of them have become my good friends and training buddies. I would have never met some of these people unless it was for TNT.

March--Not much here. I was traveling a lot for work but many of my TNT gang ran the Blue Bell Ice Cream 10K with all the FREE Ice Cream you can eat at the finish line.

April--Lone Star Half Ironman 6:22:45 My first half IM race after my knee surgery! 33 mph head winds gave my knee a good test.

May--CB& I Sprint Triathlon was a chance for me to watch my super TNT triathletes show how their training had been going and I was very proud of all of them and their SUPER finish times.
Silverlake Sprint Tri was next and Coachie raced with the TEAM. I sported the race briefs and also solicited for donations, HA! You see the money hanging out of my race briefs and my top??? Check out that nice early season tan line on my legs from my cycling shorts. Now that is a class act tan line. I had to work the rest of the summer to erase that.

Cap Tex Triathlon got rained out...BUMMER

June--Lake Tahoe Most Beautiful Bike Ride Century Ride This was my sixth time to do this ride and it is my favorite event! I have never seen a place more beautiful than the Sierra Nevada Mountain range and the Lake. Nothing like racing down the side of a mountain at 42 mph on your bike!

There were a few of my tri-buddies that took our wetsuits and we went swimming in the Lake. That was cold! It took your breath away at first and it was still harsh even after being in for a while. The water was so clear that you could still see down to the bottom even being a good third of a mile away from shore. It was a little creepy.

Tejas Sprint Tri I did darn good at this race. Really can't remember my finish time, but I think I was 5th in my age group. This was the last time to ride my faithful EPX in a race (poor thing has been sitting in a corner of late) because I got a new Kuota Kalibur!

July--Ironhead Olympic Distance Tri

August--Hood to Coast Relay 197 miles of sleeping in one of 2 team vans, you and eleven other running buddies, 3 running legs around 8 miles each, a lost cell phone, porta potties, energy bars, sore muscles, blisters, tons of fun, and one goal...VICTORY!

Kick Off for the Team in Training Houston Marathon group!

September--Austin Triathlon, Olympic Distance I felt really good on this race and I had a had a good pace on the run. Not the best over-all time, but I was racing at Half IM pace for Cancun.

Cancun Ironman 70.3--you can relive that magic in my race report that posted back in 2007. It was a frustraiting race for me but as luck would have it, I was able to nab a roll down spot to Clearwater...

October--training, training, and more training...

November--Ford Ironman 70.3 World Championships!!!

December--My kid's first White Christmas

WOW!!! I did all of that??!!??

That hardly seems possible. I had a great year and it was injury free and loads of fun. I have several things lined up for 2008, but first I have to hang my new Inside Triathlon 2008 calendar on the wall and start my new 2008 Triathlon Adventure! I hope that your year will be your best ever.

Coach Liz


Steve Stenzel said...

Great photos!!!

JohnnyTri said...

what a great year! I cant wait till we do LA Marathon, Switzerland and anything else!!

U rock lizzard!!

thanks for wishs..


WalkSports.com said...

Congratulations on a great year! Two people - Bill Dwyer and Mitch Evans - keep telling me about your accomplishments ... and now I got a chance to read all about them.

Best wishes for a great 2008!