Friday, July 22, 2011

Long Run

Protocol Four: Run ten miles broken into 3, 4, and 3 mile sections at a 9:00 min/mile pace with 5 minutes of jogging between. Foam Roll after.

Findings: Subject hid at back of cage most of the morning as if sensing there was another test today. Subject was finally coaxed out of cage with the promise of a new setting for the protocol. The subject was given plenty of water and audio stimulation to use on the run and was released out on the path that it usually takes but was diverted under the bridge rather than sent over it. This path provided shade and helped the 85 degree environment seem more manageable. Once off the path, the subject was sent out in the heat and sun to a park to catch another trail that was a single-track that followed a creek bed. The subject had to slow the pace to deal with the technical route that not only twisted and turned, but had climbs and drops. At mile 2.5, the subject emerged from the trees and undergrowth to cross over a roadway and bridge to dodge back into the pines. H2O was administered. The path now widened and provided the challenge of soft sand and piles of horse dung that were along the trail. Around mile 3.5, the subject had to run along a drainage ditch to avoid entering a stable. The drainage ditch provided three "hills" to go over at the bridges. At the third bridge and mile 4.5, the subject was allowed to turn around and return to base. H2O was administered. The sand on the way back slowed the pace for the subject and the subject appeared to tire. Once back on the technical single track, the subject had to take more walking breaks and walk the larger hills. H2O was administered. The heat now registered 90 degrees. The subject emerged from the woods and proceeded across the road to the path to the path back to the first bridge. Again the subject had to walk to deal with heat and exhaustion. The subject had to work hard to make it back to base and run the last mile.

9 miles total were covered in a time of 1:49:38. The subject seemed dejected but relieved to have the protocol come to an end. Subject was set under a stream of cool water to lower body temperature and remove sand, dirt, and sweat. Subject was rewarded with three pieces of cold homemade pizza. Foam rolling took place after the subject was fed and watered. Subject continued to sweat for an additional 30 minutes as the body temperature returned to homeostasis.

Subject will be asked to do another TRX protocol on Friday.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Weapon XL Update

Protocol Three--Balance on Wobble Board to warm up and then 5 x 1 minute of jumping rope followed by Ankle & Foot Workout 1.1 (Important, do not skip). TRX 1 workout + TRX Row to Rotation 1 X 10 only.

Findings: Subject worked on Wobble Board in the Frontal, Sagital, and Transverse plane for 8 minutes followed by the jump rope sessions. Subject noted that quads were sore from yesterday's run intervals and that the Gastrocnemius and Solieus were fatiguing fast in the first two jump rope intervals but that the burning sensation abated in the last three intervals. Foot and Ankle workout was completed and Subject noticed the dynamic stretching helped to loosen up the lower leg. TRX work was completed in a timely manner and the Subject was still able to maintain core control and form at the end of the workout.

Workout was short to allow for extra recovery before the Subject's lengthy protocol tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day 2: Weapon XL

Protocol Two-- 2 x 1 mile @ 7:00 min/mile pace or incline of 2 and speed setting of 8.3 on the treadmill with 2:00 minute easy jog recovery. Follow up with foam rolling to the Piriformis, Hamstrings, and IT Band.

Findings: Subject was apprehensive to begin session. With prodding, and keeping the treadmill on a low speed for the first 3 minutes, the subject began easy jogging. Two outcomes were going to be looked at. One, would the subject suffer from fatigue due to cycle ergonometer intervals that had just taken place; and two, would the subject suffer from a GI Track failure. There were only two high intensity efforts, but the subject seemed daunted at the intensity of the session. As the first "test" session began, the subject kept close contact of the left upper appendage on the treadmill. The subject did not seem to be hanging on, but rather the contact seemed to provide mental comfort that the subject would not be thrown off of the back of the treadmill. Audio stimulation was provided and the first selection was chosen to keep the subject relaxed for the first portion of the "test" Breathing stayed even and lower appendage turnover was quick and efficient. The subject even became confident enough to remove contact with the upper appendage to the treadmill. No drift or decrease in pace was noted. Audio stimulation was changed to promote an increase of speed. Subject responded well and breathing remained under control. At the conclusion of the first 7:00 minute test, the subject's heart rate was still in the high aerobic zone without having gone into the "Red Zone". 2 minutes of power walking with an additional 2 minutes of easy jogging was given to recover and prepare for the second interval.

"Test" #2 unfolded in much the same way as "test" #1, but with one difference. The audio stimulation was changed to reverse the stimulus. Rather than leading off with a relaxing sequence and concluding with a selection that would promote increased energy and tempo, the down tempo sequence was administered at the half way point to the end. Even though the stimulus was provided by N.E.R.D., the subject was caught "clock watching" on more than one occasion to assess how much time was left in the "test" and the breathing became ragged in the final 60 seconds of the interval. Despite this, the subject was able to successfully complete the "test" the second time and did not experience a loss of power or a failure of the GI track.

Foam rolling was administered to the Piriformis, Hamstrings, and Illio-Tibial Band on both sides of the subject. Subject seemed to respond well to the deep tissue work and there were no instances of agitation such as growling or snapping. Proper hydration, nutrition and cooling were administered.

Normal activity will resume until the administration of tomorrow's protocol.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Weapon XL

Project Commence:

Protocol One--20 X :30 seconds @ level 9 on treadmill and incline of 2 or outside with a speed of 7:00 min/mile, with :30 recovery of half speed.

Findings: Subject is restless and seems ready to begin. Responds well to heat, humidity, and lack of air circulation. Initial intervals seem overly easy as there are some slight negative grades. As solar radiation is activated, subject seems to fall into a more labored recovery sequence with excessive sweating and panting. After 10 X the interval, subject is allowed to walk through the recovery. Subject grumbles about mild GI track discomfort. Second half of intervals begin and subject is instructed to run at half speed for recoveries. Subject is allowed to increase the audio stimulus to enhance performance. Intervals become increasingly more difficult for subject to produce a quick cadence and to cover the same distance as the interval before. Subject again grumbles about GI track discomfort. With three intervals remaining, subject must slow the recovery speed to avoid overtaking three other test subjects on bicycles. At the conclusion of the protocol, subject is allowed to walk for 20 seconds and then must run at half speed back to project base.

Proper cooling, hydration, and fueling were administered. Subject avoided any leaks or breaks in the system.

Normal activity is resumed until tomorrow's protocol.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I'm In!

I was lucky enough to get a lottery slot for the Houston Marathon on January 15th, 2012. And it is just in time! Over the past seven weeks, I have gone from fit to bleh. I have been out running with my longest run in at 9.54 miles. Most of my run outings are around 4 to 5 miles. I have not been in the pool since Ironman Texas. My bike still has the race wheels on it and my bike shoes are still attached to the pedals from race day. I have been using my TRX, but I need to foam roll my muscles.

The worst of it has been all the eating and partaking of adult beverages that I have been doing. Things were great until just about two or three weeks ago and all of a sudden the extra weight leaped on my body by just looking at food or being within three feet of it. Even though I am still able to purchase the smallest size shorts that J.Crew offers, I feel like a bloated tick that got picked off of a dog in late summer.

I know that this is the natural order of things and that I was starting to look like I had a terminal disease, but I feel yucko. I go and run just to get the G.I. track moving so that I won't go days without not carrying around several days worth of meals. But it is so hot outside in this city. If I don't get my run started by 6:30 in the morning, then it will be brutal if I try to run longer than six miles. When the temperature is already 80 degrees before the sun comes up, you have to be careful in the heat.

But there is hope! Coach Woofie gets home from his vacation this week and he said that I should have a new training plan in the next week to ten days. It will be run focused without much bike or swim other than just for cross training or to give the legs a break from all the pounding from running. I have one more triathlon on the schedule. I will be taking part in the Bridgelands Sprint Tri on the first Sunday of August. I will have a training partner over the next few weeks in my kid. I signed him up to do his first Sprint Distance tri. He is a little apprehensive but he will do great. The kid can swim, I have an extra bike for him to ride, and he is a good runner.

And boy, can that kid swim. This past weekend, Bud had the Ponderosa Invitational. He had to qualify just to be able to participate in this meet and he qualified in all five of his individual events. Even better, he swam faster in his events than his seed times and made the finals for his 50 Free, 50 Breaststroke, and 50 IM events. Best yet, he swam faster in the finals than he did in the preliminary races. He swam in the B Finals and came in 1st place in the 50 Free and 50 Breaststroke and was at least a full body length ahead of second place finisher. He ended up being the 9th highest point winner for the Boys Age 12. I am very proud of my Aquaman!
Bud and his teammates and coaches after winning 6th place overall for the Progressive Relay.

Well, it is time to go pick him up at swim practice.

Later Gators!