Thursday, August 7, 2008

I found my next BIG race!!!

I have been biding my time and waiting for inspiration or sheer madness to strike, but it looks as if I have found my next Ironman race! I have been having a lot of fun with the 70.3 distance and now that I have started traveling internationally for a few races, I enjoy getting to see what is beyond the U.S. boarders.

Well, the American IM races are almost impossible to get into anymore unless you PAY MONEY to fly or drive out to the race venue, PAY MONEY for a hotel room, PAY MONEY for a rental car if you had to fly, PAY MONEY to have to eat out, to volunteer at the race to get a leg up on the registration process. Frankly, I don't want to have to pay for the race twice.

The race is at a time of year that so many others will be racing IM Florida, IM Arizona, and the 70.3 World Championships that there is a good chance that this race will not sell out in the first hour of registration. Also it makes it nice for possibly snagging a roll down slot. As I see it, a first year race would be a nice one to try. There is a major airport on Cozumel and all the hotels and vacation rentals will be at an off season price before the holiday season kicks in.

The course looks to be pretty much flat and the weather will be warm but since the main training time is over the summer, the heat should not be too big of an issue compared to a spring race like in Arizona and most people had to do their long rides on a trainer indoors over the winter. It is also after hurricane season so the race should not be cancelled for any reason.

The race production company that put on the Cancun 70.3 race is also doing this race and I really enjoyed the Cancun race. Lots of volunteers were on hand and there was plenty of safe water to drink. The finishers get a fleece jacket and a backpack as Finisher's Gear. SWEET!!!

And who can complain about laying out on a white sandy beach the next day relaxing until the awards ceremony and victory party take place the next evening. My husband did not go to my first IM race but he is going to have to work hard to get out of going to this one!

The heat and humidity are back in H-Town. Here are the stats from yesterday's run. It was hill work but that was only about half of the distance. Compare the numbers with the numbers in the last post and you will see how heat can affect heart rate. Tuesdays run temps were in the low 70's. Last night the temps were 87 to 90 degrees.

Total distance--4.64 miles
Total time--47:31 (small break before the hill work began and at least a 3-4 minute break after the hills before heading back)
Max HR--169 bpm
Average HR--157 bpm
Max pace--8:20
Average pace--10:14
Energy Expenditure--493 calories

The Heat Is ON!!!

Later Gators,



Eric said...

Sounds like a great race :-) And you're right, the heat IS on!!!

IM Able said...

I'm thinking about this one, too!

There is actually a place to register (or 'enter') right now on the website, even though the press release said sign ups were on August 19th. Confused, I called the IM offices in Florida and talked to Ann, who didn't know what the deal was. She suggested I write to the RD at to clear things up. I did, but no return yet.

I only say this because folks over at ST are confirming that they have already registered and received athlete numbers! Totally confused.

Just wanted to share the info. If you hear anything definitive, let me know. Thanks!

Flatman said...

Sounds perfect...

Paul said...

Cozumel is pretty sweet! Hopefully the roads are OK. Racing in Mexico is always pretty dicey, but hopefully these guys do better than the baja 70.3 crew does!!!


CoachLiz said...

It looks like the registration is already open. I went all the way through to the point just before I charge my credit card.

I am confident that the roads will be ok for the race. Cancun at it's worst was like the chip-seal that I have to ride on here on the Texas back roads. There was a patch of lumpy dried cement that I ran over, but no pot-holes.

Pay day is tomorrow...I have to talk some more with El Esposo on this one. Kinda Excited!!!

JohnnyTri said...

haha.. DO IT!!!....


Steve Stenzel said...

I JUST heard about that race yesterday! SWEET!

And (regarding your comment on my blog), you don't need to tell me about Title Nine and their barbell ratings! Pharmie LOVES them and their only 5 barbell rated sports bra: The Last Resort Bra. It keeps those Cs in place!!


Rainmaker said...

Awesome! Should be an incredible race!

greyhound said...

ACK! Everyone is doing this race now instead of IMFL or IMAZ!! Cozumel is fine, but can you say, "Mexican Hospital????!!!!"

I wanna race with peeps, but Mexico give me the willies. What to do? What to do?

greyhound said...

Double ACK!! I've already spent my 5250 Mexican pesos. I blame you.

Kim said...

yay cant wait to meet you in cozumel!

Jeff said...

Race or not, Cozumel sounds like fun!