Monday, February 9, 2009

Totally Revolted

I have been on my anti-parasitic program and I have been hitting the Internet to find out more about these pesky things that are taking up residence in my GI track and all I can say after a week is that I am totally revolted! The fatigue has been bad. I have had to skip a lot of workouts in the last week due to having my eyes roll into the back of my head after lunch and having my head hit the pillow for 2-3 hour naps. I hope that when these parasites are gone, that I will have more energy. I have also had to make mad dashes to the bathroom since something that I am taking is acting as a laxative to keep things moving through the system. And I have been washing my hands like a mad woman. I hope that I do not develop an O/C disorder after this. Oh, and I am still itching and I will explain why.

Here are a few gems to keep you informed and grossed out:

  • It is estimated that 85% of Americans will have intestinal parasites at some time in their life.

  • Children are notorious carriers and spreaders of intestinal parasites. Just think of how many times a kid's fingers go in their mouth.

  • You can get intestinal parasites from your dog licking your hands or face and by cleaning a cat's litter box.

  • Organic fruits and veggies need to be washed carefully and should even get a dip in a mild water and bleach solution to kill parasites.

  • Parasites can enter the body through your mouth, your nose, a cut or sore, even through your ears.

  • The eggs of parasites can be air born and will survive on surfaces such as a door handle, a computer key board, or a phone for two weeks.

  • Good hand washing also requires that you use a nail brush to scrub under your finger nails where parasites and their eggs can hide.

  • Intestinal parasites can cause hives, skin rashes, and eczema from the release of waste products and toxins into the blood stream which in turn is carried to the skin as the body tries to clear it from the bloodstream.

  • Intestinal parasites can leech important vitamins and minerals out of your bloodstream rendering you vitamin deficient and anemic.

  • Sheets, towels, undergarments, and any other clothing that comes in contact with the body near the rectum such as running shorts with a liner, should be washed in hot water to reduce the spread of parasites. Sheets should be changed at least once a week and towels should not be shared with other family members or friends.

  • Intestinal parasites can be hard to detect because they cause symptoms that are similar to other ailments such as fatigue, lack of concentration, gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, fungal infections such as athlete's foot or jock itch, skin rashes, bad breath, dandruff, yeast infections, anemia, nausea, headaches, asthma, food allergies, nasal congestion, muscle and joint pain, stunted growth in children, weight gain, weight loss, loss of appetite, night sweats, chills, and vitamin deficiencies. 

  • Our western diets of processed and enriched foods with low levels of fiber help to make it easier for parasites to thrive in the intestines. 

On a happier note, my Team in Training tri group started their practices this weekend and I just got back from their first swim workout. How many of you are swimming in an outdoor pool at this time of year? We have our first bike ride this weekend and they get a lesson on how to change a flat tire. I must say that I have a pretty good lot of swimmers. There are only a small handful that are going to need extra work in the pool to get comfortable with putting their face in the water or with learning how to swim at all. I know that they can do it and I know that I an help them make it to the finish line!

Ok, off to bed so I can teach my early spin class in the morning. Later Gators!



Ryan said...

Hey you know what...maybe I dont need to lose intestinal parasites do.

I'm going to tell my coach that and see if that flies. Now I need to google slimming down intestinal parasites and see what comes up.

Speed Racer said...

This was NOT the blog I should have read over breakfast. I hope the detox is going well. Funny how it took a NUTRITIONIST to peg what your problems were. I have a strong mistrust of doctors, and a belief (based on nothing in particular) that many ailments can be treated or prevented with proper diet. This is just another nail in the coffin for the doctors as far as I'm concerned. I went in to get my hearing checked once, and they gave me an internal exam! In my no-no place. They didn't even LOOK in my ears!

Anyway, I'm off to change the kitty litter. Thanks a lot. Now I'll be convinced I have worms all day! On the bright side though, think of how fast you'll be when you get your body back! I think YOU'll be the one ordering ME the virgin margaritas.

Feel better.

Tiggs said...

Liz- how did they diagnose the parasites???

greyhound said...

OK, so ewwwww.

No congratulatory, finish line hug or fist bump for you. Just a wave from afar.

Rainmaker said...

You officially win the award for the TMI post of 2009. Yes, it's only February, but I'm pretty sure you'll hold the title.

Spokane Al said...

I agree with rainmaker.

I did read some advertisements from many decades ago where one could purchase the intestinal worms as a way to loose weight.

I think I would rather stay pudgy.