Friday, November 27, 2009

Cozumel--Day One

Well, I am on the island and it is beautiful. I picked up Johnny Tri at the airport last night and we were back there checking in only 12 hours later. The flight was uneventful but I had to make a mad dash off the plane to find "el bano" because I had a smoothie before getting on the plane and I was drinking water during the flight. We got to our villa and got unloaded and headed over to the Convention Center for packet pick-up.

We must have hit things just right. We walked up and the expo was empty. We ran into my Team in Training buddy and fellow coach, Coach Luke and his girlfriend Norma (who I have coached in the past). We took care of packet pick-up quickly and then spent money on official race gear. Gotta have that stuff! We were given some pretty cool stuff. We got a super jacket with the race logo embroidered on it along with a drawstring bag and water bottle. Word on the street is that we some cool stuff when we cross the finish line. Here is a pic of what I got in the race bag and what I bought at the expo.

After going to the race meeting, JT and I did a little grocery shopping and then tried to find where the athlete diner was with no success. We went back to the villa and put the bikes together and watched a movie.

The wind has really been blowing here and we all hope it will clam down before Sunday. Temps are great and we hope they hold. I am super tired so more tomorrow on our adventures.

Have a great day,



Speed Racer said...

I picked up my computer and held it about 2" from my face. You must have been sitting right near us at the pre-race meeting. I think I recognize some of those people.

Then again... all triathletes look alike.

Except us. We're unique.

Rainmaker said...

Yikes, it's tomorrow. Good luck and kick ass!

Rainmaker said...

Oh, and i'll be tracking ya!