Thursday, February 11, 2010

Make Over Time!

I was getting a bit bored with my blog's appearance so I added a little punch to it. Again, I am a computer nimrod so I did the easiest thing I could. I tried adding different fonts but I messed up the HTML code somehow. Oh, well at least I am better at riding a bike than making my blog look great.

Ok, so I am still trying to get caught up on things. About a week to 10 days ago Kathleen (past president of my tri club) tagged me on her blog to give my Top 10 List. So now as the Paul Sheaffer band does a drum roll, here is Coach Liz's Top 10 Things That Make Me Happy!

Starting with 10: Chocolate! The darker, the better. I do believe that it causes a sense of well-being and at times euphoria in me.

9. Texas! I love living in the Lone Star State. Where else can you live that there are mountains, beaches, deserts, pine trees, palm trees, alligators, wild boar, pumas, snow, heat, blue bonnets, pecans, dance halls, cactus, cowboys, Cajuns, Czechs, and some of the best ruby red grapefruit and Tex Mex food on earth? Please don't ask me to live anywhere else. I will go and visit, but my home will always be in Texas.

8. Team In Training! This organization has provided me and my family with so much. I owe them so much.

7. My dolphin ring from my mom. It is probably not worth more than $100 but to me it is priceless. I have always loved dolphins. I did a lot of sailing when I was a kid growing up and the dolphin is a sailor's good luck charm.

6. My Coach, Anthony Humpage. Woofie has been putting up with me for almost 5 years and me not being real good about filling in my Training Peaks log. He has gotten me prepared for a few really BIG races and has helped me come back from knee surgery. I cannot thank him enough for keeping me on as one of his athletes over the years.

5. My friends who make me a better bike rider. Greyhound, Carrie (Tri to be Funny) and her Hubster Shawn are all people who I really respect and they make me push myself to work a little harder when I want to slack off on the bike.

4. My TNT Friends. This is a group of people who have become as close as family. I have traveled around the globe with some of them and have done some amazing races with them. I am very proud to say that I have coached everyone in this picture to finish their first triathlon. From left to right we have Lauren who has done Ironman 70.3 Cancun and Switzerland with me, Ryan who has done Ironman 70.3 Switzerland with me and has qualified for the Short Course National Championships, Norma who is celebrating her first Half Ironman finish at the Lone Star Half Ironman last spring, Luke who has raced Ironman Cozumel and Longhorn Ironman 70.3 with me, and on my right is Jay who has completed a Half Ironman at the Lone Star Tri Festival and is now a certified USA Triathlon coach.

3. My BFF Johnny Tri. If I could have a twin brother, it would be John. We are goofy together and we have had our share of knock down drag outs but in the end our friendship has only gotten stronger. He has trusted me to coach him through two Ironman races and he is now the new Team In Training Las Vegas Chapter tri coach. I'm very proud of you JT!

2. My Dad and Val. I love you both very much and THANK YOU for coming out to see me finish my first Ironman race.

And the number one thing that makes me happy: Steven and Steven, a.k.a. Dr. Evil and Mini Me. I love my boys! They are so good to put up with me and my antics. They know that as long as I get to ride my bike a little and run around the neighborhood a bit I will bend over backwards for them.

So now I get to tag some people!

If I tag you, you will need to give us your Top Ten and put my name on the top of the list of people that you tag.

So here we go!

1. I need to tag Kathleen because she is the one who tagged me.
2. Carrie Tri to be Funny in Austin, TX
3. Steve in a Speedo up in the snow and cold in Minnesota.
4. Rainmaker who is also snowed in over in Virginia.
5. Ryan who is training for the St. George Ironman if he is not snowed in as well.
6. Ken who is a fellow TNT coach up in Michigan
7. Regina who is a TNT participant and training for her first 70.3.
8. Christi who is raising money for The Chron's and Colitis Foundation.
9. IronTrish who also did Ironman Cozumel this past November.
10. Jay who is a fellow TNT tri coach here in Houston

All of their links can be found in my favorite blogs that I visit.

Have a great weekend!



Regina said...

Tag! I'm it!! ok then..will work on that list. You already stole a few, chocolate (darker the better), TNT, and my boys; I've got two too!

Thanks for the feedback on the mid foot cleat thing; good to know!

Anonymous said...

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Rainmaker said...

I like the new look, especially the fact that the background stays constant but the post slides through. Cool. Plus, you still kept that bottom swim start picture - which is one of my favorites.