Thursday, April 8, 2010

Why Am I NOT Doing This Race????

I woke up this morning to get parking details for the Gateway to the Bay Sprint Triathlon that is taking place Saturday morning down in Kemah, TX. This is a new race and it is a qualifier to the Escape from Alcatraz series. I have 8 athletes I have been coaching who are racing and one who is volunteering and the other 4 athletes who have not signed up will get a run in before the race and then we will do cowbell duty. The course has a nasty (sweet!) causeway bridge that the racers have to go over two times on the bike. This is the bridge that I trained on when I was going to the Ironman 70.3 World Championship race in Clearwater, FL. Parking is limited, but I wanted details. Well, I got details...

At 5 am this morning there were 25 race slots still available. That piqued my interest. I click on the race course information. Seeing that the bike course went over the causeway was exciting. It is a soul crushing climb if you are not prepared for it. And you have to do it twice! 25 slots still available??? Then I checked the wave starts. Women 40+ and Athena--46 participants!!!WHAT!!!46!!!ALL WOMEN OVER 40 AND ATHENAS??!!??


The Olympic race the next day only had 100 women listed as doing the race. Again, why was I not doing this race??? The one time that I could have a really good chance to make it up on the podium and I was not registered. This should be a great race. Heck, Andy Potts and Matty Reed are racing.
Yes, I have not had a lot of workout mojo lately but I have been riding my bike and running here and there. Still, not to be an ass, with very little training I know I could go out and put a hurt on some people on the race course for this distance of a race. I'm supposed to be saving money and not registering for these things. It was killing me all the way to work this morning to go teach my cycling class. My buddy Rick told me I should sign up. And then he said that this might be the race where I get three flats or the field is stacked with strong racers.

Thankfully, when I got back on the computer at 7:30 this morning, 25 other people saw that there were race slots available. The race is now closed.

The burning desire to race is still there. I guess my mojo is not lost after all. It was just hiding in my transition bag. I have to clean that thing out. I wonder what else is down in the bottom of that transition bag?

Have a great day,



L Ludwick said...

Man, I thought it was going to end with you signing up! :( Well I guess I will see you out there this weekend, on Saturday, right?

greyhound said...

I thought about racing, then I rolled over and went back to sleep until the feeling went away.

I'm signed up for Lone Star OLY. I am racing. I am. Really.

Andy said...

It is funny to find out what will motivate us to do something or not to do something. I think the fact that you will be out there cheering on your peeps will be just as enjoyable as you racing the event. :)

Hope your team does well! Let us know!

Christi said...

I thought you were going to sign up also but have a great time coaching and cheering!

TNTcoach Ken said...

LOL....... I think I dropped a PowerBar in your bag. You are not alone, I don't have my racing mojo and still haven't signed up for a race!

Regina said...

I am always wondering what makes me continue to sign up for races, cuz when I am racing I am thinking, why did I sign up to do this? And yet...I keep doing it.

Looks like your hesitation saved you some bucks. When you are looking in that transition bag, see if my mojo is down there? It seems to have fled for the moment. thanks for your kind comment on my post yesterday.

TRI TO BE FUNNY-Carrie Barrett said...

It sounds like spectating will be just as exciting as racing this one!!