Thursday, August 26, 2010


I did packet pick-up yesterday and got my race number for Saturday morning. I am #52 and I am in the first AG wave after the Elite start. That NEVER happens. I still have to wear a damn pink cap. I'd like to see a race director give a men's wave pink caps for once and then they will know how I feel about pink caps. We got a nice Brooks tech shirt and a pair of socks in our bag as well as a Hammer Gel and a Power Bar.

I ran into a gal who will be my competition on Saturday. She said I was going to pass her up on the run. She said I was an awesome runner. WTF??!!?? Who has been spreading those rumors about me??? And this is from a chick who is HARD CORE and FAST. She always places in her (our) age group and she has done a few Ironman races as well. I think she has been misinformed.

As I said in my last post, I just don't want to get my @$$ handed to me in this race. I have been working hard to build speed not only on the bike but as the run as well. My run has always been my Achilles Heel, so to say. I have a great swim and a great bike and then the wheels fall off on the run. I don't know if it improper fueling and hydration on the bike. I may be going too hard on the bike and then have nothing left for the run. I have dealt with crazy high heart rates while shuffling along at a 11:00 min pace and also have had no power to even pick up my feet to run. My last Olympic distance race was 2 years ago. It was not good. I finished. I had a good swim and a great bike, but the run was miserable. I had to walk a lot of it. I could not keep my heart rate down and I had no power in my legs. I was also running at one of the hottest parts of the morning in Texas: 10:30 to 11:30 am. I had been in the last wave of a larger race and we did not start until after 8:30 am. It was demoralizing. I had come off of a good 70.3 race in Switzerland a few months earlier with a good run and I had been doing some running in the heat to prepare for the San Antonio Rock n' Roll Marathon. I was doing long runs of up to 15 miles at the time the Austin Tri rolled around. And then I could not even run 6.2 miles. I cried.

Looking back I don't think that I drank enough fluids during the race or kept up with my nutrition. I could have gone too hard on the bike and used up some of my run energy. The short course races are not about sustaining a good pace for 5+ or 13+ hours. They are all about going as fast as you possibly can and seeing how long you can hang out in the Pain Cave. I might not have been rested enough. Well, I am doing things differently this time around.

Yesterday I had a challenging brick workout and all I did today was a trainer ride of 6 X 5 min tempo drills with varying resistance. I also took a good nap this morning. I was supposed to go swim, but I skipped it. Tomorrow is usually a strength training and a bike day. It will not be happening. I am doing a short 20 minute run and then taking it easy tomorrow. I am drinking lots of fluids because yesterday I was behind on them. Sleep and rest are important. Bed time is in 30 minutes.

I ate kinda crappy tonight (Chuy's Tex-Mex) but I brought left-overs home. I will be eating clean tomorrow. I even made a Ruby Red Grapefruit Pie that is now in my fridge. I don't think I will be having a slice tonight. I'm too stuffed.

So here are my goals for the race:

1.) Have a good but even swim staying close to the buoy line.

2.) Keep my heart rate at or below 140 on the bike. I do have a big bridge that goes over a boat traffic lane to Galveston Bay but the rest of the ride is flat and fast. Drink enough to have to pee on the bike. I want to empty my areobottle and the bottle on the frame. That should be at least 57 oz. of fluids.

3.) Start out slower on the run and find my legs in the first half mile. Find my pace, settle in, venture into the Pain Cave and no walking.

We shall see how it goes. Thanks for all the well wishes, and keep them coming. I need the good mojo thoughts.

Later Gators,



greyhound said...

I've had pink caps more times than I care to remember.

LittleRachet said...

Yes, pink caps are such a downer when you get them. Why not make me wear a bow tie while I'm at it. (intentional poke at above)

You are gonna do great - I have a *feeling*. Breakthrough race.

Grrr it up out there.

Anna Escobar said...

You will be awesome! Good Luck!

Mike Russell said...

Liz, you are the coach for goodness sake! Get out there on that course and own it! You are ready for this race and will kick some ass!

TNTcoach Ken said...

Okay, here's my mojo but give it back when you're done.......

Christi said...

Good luck on the race! I am sure you will rawk this one and I can't wait to read the race report!

Go git'em!

Spokane Al said...

It sounds like you have a great race plan. Now it is all about execution and I am sure you will rock!

P.S. I use Nesquik in my protein drinks just because it is usually on sale and much cheaper than Ovaltine.

Rainmaker said...

Good luck tomorrow!