Sunday, September 5, 2010

Clear Lake International Triathlon Photos

I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend. Mine is still full of fun so I will post about all of that later. For now, I give you the race photos! Sorry that the watermark is all over them. I'm not jiving with the price of the photos that the race photo company wants to charge. If it was reasonable, I would pay, but this is not an Ironman race either.

For some reason, these signs are always around where we do a race. Hmmm....
A beautiful sunrise to get the race started.
My wave. First after the Elites. I am closest to the orange buoy on the left.
On your mark....Get set....
2nd in my age group out of the water in 30:32.9
Heading into T1.
Out on the bike course and ready to rock it!
Zipping past NASA and Space Center Houston.
Almost done. Velcro undone on the shoes.
Heading into T2. 1:12:35.1 total bike time with a 20.7 mph average.
Mile 4 on the run of an out and back course. I am holding my left water bottle so it does not fly out of my Fuel Belt.
Mile 5.5 of the run. LOOK!!! Both of my feet are almost all the way off the ground. This never gets captured on film. I'm still holding my bottle.
Looking strong at mile 6. I finally let go of the bottle!
Same shot, different angle.
Into the Finish chute and BOTH OF MY FEET ARE OFF THE GROUND!!! Yes!!! I look like I am really running and not shuffling along!!! Run time of 54:21.2 and a pace of 8:46 min/mile.
Crossing the finish line in 2:39:25.8! Not my best, but I'm thrilled with it.
Third place Podium Finish!!! 1st finished in 2:30:13.4 and 2nd finished in 2:36:32.4
Thankfully I saw no gators along the way.

I have done some fun things this weekend so look for another post mid-week. Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend.

Later Gators!



Mike Russell said...

May not be your fastest, but you still stood on the podium. Great race Liz and a great example.

Spokane Al said...

You definitely look strong and fast. Congratulations!

TNTcoach Ken said...

Both feet off the ground means you were flying........

Christi said...

Great job on the race! The photos look great and you were flying!

Regina said...

Great photos despite the watermarks! Congrats on the podium placement!!

You look awesome!