Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ooo! First Big Race of the Season!

Just a short little post to let everyone know that this Sunday is the Memorial Hermann Ironman 70.3 race in Galveston, TX. I do not expect to meet or exceed my Longhorn Ironman 70.3 PR of 5:33:39. That race was my "A" race of last year's race season. This race is not my "A" race and it is the first race rather than the last race of the season.

Here is the race plan for Sunday:

I am in the LAST swim wave out of 21 swim waves. I just need to find a quiet spot to chill out for 2 hours once we get kicked out of transition. I may watch the pros get out of the water and enter T1. For the swim, I want to focus on swimming steady and with the "tricks" that I have been using at Masters swimming to get a little higher in the water and to swim a little faster with less effort. If I can get out of the water in under 40 minutes, I will be good.

On the bike, I just have to play it loose and easy. The wind is going to be the issue and I have to make sure that I remember that I may have a headwind on the way back in for 27 miles. I have to stay on top of hydration and nutrition so that I am able to pee at least 2 times on the bike. No gentle way to say that, sorry. Heart rates need to stay around 120-135. Somewhere in the 3 hour range is what I am going for.

On the run, I should be well hydrated from the bike and I need to take the first mile with a bit of restraint to see how the muscles are and then settle into my pace for the rest of the run. I need to stick to my nutrition schedule that I have been using on all of my run workouts and stay loose in the shoulders. I will be happy with a 2:10 run.

That puts me right at 6 hours or less and if I do better than that, I will take it and be very happy. I also hope that since I will be out on the race course the latest, that there will still be ice and water at the aid stations. My cousin is coming out to watch me race and I am excited about that. I never have family cheering me on.

Unless the swim buoys get blown off course and I fall off my bike like the scenario at Buffalo Springs two years ago, I expect to do ok on this race.

Stay tuned for results or look up race # 1959 on the Athlete Tracker on the web page.

Later Gators!



Ryan said...

Have your cousin bring a secret stash of ice... just in case!

Have a great day and I'll be sending strong thoughts your way.

Christi said...

YAY! I am so excited that you are racing this weekend. I have another person to "stalk!" I know you will hit all your goals and I can't wait to read your race report.

Go get 'em girl!

fatsmoker2ironman said...

What happened on the last 4 run miles Liz?

Please nothing serious?