Sunday, October 2, 2011

48 hours...

That is all the time left that I have to get a whole lot of things done.  And I should be doing some of them right now.  Well, it can wait for just a few minutes.

Sometimes there are things that quickly pop up that you make some plans on.  Exciting things!  You look forward to them with anticipation.  It may be one of the things that you have experienced in the past and you LOVED IT.  And then events and schedules merge and the thing you wanted to do must be postponed.  It is frustrating.  Will the opportunity come up again?  How long will I have to wait for things to fall in place one more time?  Bummer.

These are the times you just have to accept that this was not the right time or the best time to embark on that adventure.

But then there are BIG things you plan on.  Months in advance you start working on organizing the major details.  With each major piece of the puzzle put into place, it becomes more real.  There is preparation to do and gear to be purchased.  As the event quickly approaches, all of the details are solidified and it becomes more exciting.  There is no turning back now!  Of course there will be one or two things missing from the picture.  Inevitably, there is something that is forgotten or some favorite lucky charm that had to be left behind.

And suddenly, it is here!  The months of waiting, dreaming, and anticipating are over.  There is a message in your "In Box" to confirm that you will be there in 48 hours.  There is a message waiting to confirm what size you wear.  You have to get everything together, but remember not to take too much.  If you need it that badly, you can get it when you arrive because EVERYTHING you might ever need or want will be there.

The hardest part is the last 48-hours.  The final hours of waiting.  The final details to put in place so that mayhem does not ensue when embark on the journey.  The last days of another year quickly come to a close.

It is pau hana.  Wikiwiki Tuesday!  I am ready!  Hau`oli la Hanau Mo'o!!!

Stay Tuned!!!

Liz  :)


Christi said...

Have an absolutely awesome time! I am very jealous!

Jamie said...

Have fun out on the big island! I'm very jealous.

Enjoy all that vitamin D.

Anonymous said...

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