Sunday, March 25, 2012

One Step Closer

I bet each and every one of you have had a wish list.  Possibly it was one you made after fingering through the pages of the Sears or JC Penny's Christmas catalog when you were a kid.  Maybe it was one you made in high school about what you wanted to do after graduation.  Did you get your wish?  Did you give up on your wish because something else or something better came along?  Are you still waiting for your wish to be fulfilled?

I have had a wish that I have been holding onto for the past twenty-five years.  I was told to wait on my wish because I would be leaving for school in a few years.  Then I had to wait because I was in school and had no way to enjoy what I was wishing for.  After school was no better because I had no money or because there were other, more serious matters at hand.  Then there was a few years where I kind of got my wish but it was a little different than what I really had my heart set on.  For the past five years I have kept that wish alive, but I have been too scared to follow through with obtaining it.  Was I too busy?  Was I able to afford it?  Was I ready for that kind of commitment?  Was I worthy of my wish?

Two weeks ago, I took the first step to realizing my wish.  I had to do the thing that scared me.  I had to ask the owners of this thing that I wanted if I could have it.  I talked at length to the person who could help me obtain my wish to show them that I was committed and that I had done my homework and I knew what I was getting myself into.  I visited the place where I would go to get the thing that I wanted and I got to spend some time looking at it, holding it, and admiring it.

Now I have to have someone come to my house and see if I am ready to own the thing that I want and that I have space for it in my life.  The process is daunting, but I am still on track to get my wish granted to me.

Keep wishing, hoping, and dreaming.  Don't give up.

Later Gators!



Richard C. said...

Okay, I'll bite . . . I am guessing that your wish involves a dog . . . a big sloppy mastiff named, Adonis. Close?


LittleRachet said...

I'm so excited for this. Did you ever see my original blog? It was my first attempt at blogging, and since I was new to the greyhounds, I figured it'd be fun to document the learning experience.

CoachLiz said...


You are hot, but not burning yet. Different breed. :)

Richard C. said...

Coach Liz,

I see that you wish to test my powers of deduction, so here goes: you are a triathlete, not a sumo wrestler, and therefore have opted to forego the imposing, albeit plodding, Adonis. Understandable. You need a faster, more athletic dog. Thus, you may be adopting a greyhound, well call him Usain (ala Usain Bolt). However, that seems to be more of a pure sprinter's dog and not great in water. Which leads me to my next guess: a female chocolate lab named Kona. Closer?