Monday, May 14, 2012

A Peek Into the Lab...

Just to allow a quick peek into Muppet Labs, we will update you with the experiments and procedures that are taking place on the Coach Liz Project.

1.  It was determined that Coach Liz was experiencing crappy workouts due to a hiatal hernia.

2.  It was determined that Coach Liz has a casein intolerance and dairy products do not function in the system.

3.  It was determined that Coach Liz still has a gluten intolerance.  Though not as serious as the casein intolerance, it can still cause irritation.

4.  It was determined that Coach Liz was dealing with a large amount of stress.

Action Taken

1.  Coach Liz was told to take advantage of "Me Time" in St. Croix.  "Me Time" was spent in the ocean swimming over a coral reef on three different occasions.

2.  Coach Liz was told to avoid dairy products.  This has been mostly successful.  One brush with blue cheese and another with ice cream were good reminders on why avoiding dairy is going to be necessary.  A substitute for dairy is being investigated.

3.  Coach Liz had the neck of the stomach moved out of the diaphragm to allow for optimal diaphragmatic  breathing.  This was a painful procedure, but so far the two run workouts have taken place have been successful.

4.  Coach Liz has determined that the last day of employment at Big Box Gym/Gym X will be May 25th.  Change will be taking place.

More updates to come.  We here at Honeydew Labs are always stretching the boundaries of science.

Later Gators,



Christi said...

I am so glad that the Muppet Lab was able to diagnose your issues and that things are changing!

Good luck with your career changes! I am sure you will do great!

Jumper 2.0 said...

Coach Liz needs to check out my wife's website for gluten and dairy free cooking recipes. Although the site isn't catered toward athletes most of the meals are quite appropriate.

CoachLiz said...

Thanks Jumper!

I will go scope it out.


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