Sunday, December 9, 2007

Steve, you have some competition...


I have been reading Steve in a Speedo's blog and over the past few weeks he has been blabbering on about his lucky "tighty whities" at the local 5K races and how he has been wining some good SHWAG for his inclusion of the said lucky undies in some form of a costume.


Steve, it looks like you have some competition!

This just goes to show that even the best looking endurance athletes still look dorky in white Jocky shorts. The water polo helmet and the compression socks add a nice touch, don't you think. The heart rate monitor straps seem a bit much for a race of these proportions. Notice Cpt. Andy Baldwin over there on the far right? He looks great in his black boxer briefs, really great if you know what I mean.

Just as all men should not wear briefs, a similar rule should apply to ladies and thong underwear. I don't want to see your t-back sticking up out of the waist band of your jeans. I believe that the thong is a great way to get rid of pesky elastic line dents in the rear under a pair of pants or a slim fitting skirt. It should not be a fashion statement with the additions of bows, rhinestone buckles, fluffy feather edging, or slinky cut out areas that are on view for everyone else to see. And please, do not go out and run a 5K in one!


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Steve Stenzel said...

Oh my God. I want to be there!!!!