Friday, December 21, 2007

Talk About Dumb Luck!

Well, it has been a while since I have posted. I have been busy with deadlines at work. I was getting my peeps that I am coaching for the Houston Marathon ready for their 21 mile run only to have a strong cold front blow through with driving rain and dropping temps that prevented the majority of the group from getting further than 11 miles. I had to do some intensive Christmas shopping and packing for our family trip to Seattle in the morning. Re-take my CPR certification and start to study for my NASM exam in January. Coaching my tri guys and gals. It goes on and on...

And I totally forgot that while I was in Clearwater, Florida for the 70.3 World Championships that I entered my name for every darn give away at the expo. Win a Timex watch! Win a Computrainer! Win a Blue 70 wetsuit! Win Zipp Wheels! Win a box of Powerbars! Win a race entry! Win a Tanita scale!

Well, I was a winner...

I won a race entry to the Switzerland 70.3 race on June 1st, 2008!!!

And to top it off, my training buddies Lauren, Ryan, and Johnny Tri are all going with!!!

I feel like I have already had Christmas. There is nothing more I could really ask for...well, I will take a Computrainer, ha!

Off to Seattle and Port Orchard in the morning...


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JohnnyTri said...

thats right SWITZ!!! the H-twn crew gonna lay da smack down!

Oh cow.. I never saw that pic of me! dang is that a smile or grimmice?.. humm