Monday, April 14, 2008

Blue Bell 10K

Our day started out good and early at 5:45 am in the parking lot of Academy and we made a caravan up to Brenham, TX. When we got out of the car, the weather was windy and colder than the weather in Houston. We went to register and then stuck around the field house to keep warm. It was a little awful to peel off the clothing to walk up the hill about a quarter of a mile to the start. What I knew was that the cool temps and wind would feel great on the run. As soon as they stick pictures from the event up, I will post them here.

I had a great run and experienced my FIRST runner's high. At first I thought it was the "I'm pushing too hard" tingly cheeks feeling, but then this wave of relaxation and almost euphoria washed all over me at mile 4 after an uphill. It was freaking awesome and I ran past a bunch of people on the way back in to the high school. I was pleased with my finish. "Fast" Mauri, "Super Fast" Terry, and "Freaking Fast" Ryan were all cheering Coach on at the finish line. We had a great showing at the event! There were 20 Team in Training people out at the race. The draw is all the FREE Blue Bell Ice Cream you can eat at the finish. The only bad part of the event was that the finish times were screwed up and the guy handing out the awards screwed up several times.

We had 4 in the gang net a top 3 Age Group Finish!!! "Fast" Mauri got first in her age group. Not surprising since she has run the Boston Marathon. "Super Fast" Terry snagged second place in his age group and has earned the nick-name "Number 2". "Freaking Fast" Ryan was far and away the first place winner in his age group with a 38 minute 10K. Jarntip was able to get third place in her age group as well.

More pictures on the bike ride that followed after I get back from work.

Have a great day!



TNTcoach Ken said...

Great job Coach! I love the nicknames, I’ll have to try that. I wish I could get that runner’s high. I think those days might be gone but I’ll keep trying.

The Lazy Triathlete said...

I so miss Blue Bell IceCream.
I miss TX Brisket.

I need to do a race in Austin.

Viv said...

Wonderful job!!

I was going to do that one, but change of plans. I am glad just saw type write hill :-O

Looking forward to pics, and bike report.

Rainmaker said...

Awesome job! Congrats! Runners high is great, I love it.

Viv said...

Re: sorry to reply here Liz, but I wanted to clarify. Johnny's wife is my sister's boss. I wish I was related to those peeps than I would have some natural talent running through my blood..LOL!

He did mention he knew you. I brought you up as we were talking about IM70.3 on tv later that afternoon. He said you were awesome. I was like..duh!

Spokane Al said...

All the ice cream you can eat? That sounds like my kind of a race. And after a runner's high, a sugar high is pretty good as well, except the other side of that sugar high can be a bit brutal.