Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Lone Star Triathlon Race Report


Sorry, my email has been down and right now I am sucking off of Panera Bread's WiFi. It was a very exciting weekend! I will back up and give you some pre-race info as well.

On Thursday, I had my last 30 minute run. It was hot outside as you can see from the way I am dressed for the run. I have a nice 3.2 mile loop that I run around my house. I was able to knock that out in 28:36 and get home before the kid got off the bus. I had to start getting my race gear and race fuel together. I can drink Accelerade and use Clif Shot and Shot Blocks. I had gone out and gathered my nutrition and now I had to split it up for each of the legs of the event. I got all my stuff together and stuff that I would be taking to the beach house.

On Friday, I had to work. Last year I took the day off. Why I did not do that this year is beyond me. I was very busy teaching classes, working with clients, finishing payroll, and getting nervous. I finally cut out and drove home to load the Honda Element and pick up the kid early from school. We drove down to the Beach House and arrived around 4:30 in the afternoon and started unloading. The house was amazing! It was huge and was going to be perfect for the group of 13 of us who were staying there. I started to get dinner going and fixed chicken and beef kabobs with a variety of veggies, baked sweet potatoes, corn on the cob (all on the grill), some jasmine rice, a nice salad, and my Magic Brownies and vanilla ice cream for dessert. As everyone started showing up, there was more commotion in the house and we were all having a great time.

After the meal, I sat down with my gang that were going to be doing their first sprint distance tri in the morning. We went over USAT rules, how to set up their transition, and how to learn to relax in a tense situation and to have a plan if something went crazy. I got them off to bed and it was lights out...

O.K., got to go teach a class. More on the First Timer's Sprint and my Half Ironman in a bit.

Have a great day!



Rainmaker said...

That's awesome to have a beach house for a weekend tri! Sooo cool.

monica said...

holy abdominals, lady?? how do i get a set like that??

"magic brownies" eh?? i haven't had one of those since my college days... looking forward to the rest of your report

greyhound said...

What Monica said, Coach Abs-o-lot.

Wait . . . does MILF stand for . . . **blush** . . . OK never mind.