Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Great News and Not So Great News...

First the GREAT NEWS...

My 33 Team in Training Triathlets all crossed the Finish Line and I had one TEAM member, Jill, win 1st place in the Athena category, and another TEAM member, John, win 3rd in his age group. Here is the kicker, John was also recognized because he was the oldest participant in the Cap Tex Tri. Amazing!!!

Here I am waiting patiently for all of my participants to make it out of the swim...

I have a fever...and the only prescription is MORE COWBELL!!!

Here is the TEAM cheering on John, our 73 year-old TEAM mate, on to the finish line!

The TEAM is helping Missy make it the last few steps to the finish line. They were awesome and two other TEAM mates helped me walk the last 2 miles with her before we got to that point.

There is Missy crossing the Finish Line as the final Official Finisher of the race. I was so proud of her!

Remember, you can always click here if you would like to be an instrumental part in finding a cure for Leukemia, Lymphoma, and other blood related cancers by the year 2015. There were 280 Team in Training participants that raised over $900,000.00 dollars to go towards patient aid and research who completed the race on Sunday. Every penny counts!

Now the Cool News...

As a Thank You gift, the TEAM got me a Louis Garneaux Rocket Aero Helmet to take with me this weekend to race with at the Switzerland 70.3 event. I would include a picture, but I still feel like a goofball poser wearing it especially after the next news worthy item in this blog entry.

And now the not so great news...

While heading to Chuy's Tex Mex for lunch before driving back to Houston (the one where the Bush Twins got nabbed for under-age drinking...), I drove the car under some power lines that had been knocked down just minutes before by an 18 wheeler and it pulled my bike off of the roof rack and sent it crashing to the ground. One of the shifters is broken completely off and I have to take it straight to the shop in the morning to see if the fork or the frame has any cracks. I am a little freaked, but if worse comes to absolute worse, I will pull my saddle off the Kuota and put it on the Trek Hilo or the EPX 303. The EPX got me through IMAZ so it will be up to the job if I call that horse out of the stable. I am trying to have a "glass half full" attitude here.

I will post some more pics soon and give an update on the bike situation.



Jeff said...

Congrats to you and your team. That's awesome that some of them even placed!

Sorry to hear about the bike but it sounds like it could have been worse -- much worse! I'd say your glass is much more than half full!

Good luck this weekend.

Rainmaker said...

Congrats on getting your team through it - that's awesome!

Bummer about the bike, but as you noted - it could have beeen much worse(for both you OR the bike).

greyhound said...

ACK! Be sure and keep the info on that 18 wheeler. About the only good thing that can be said for those jakelegs is that they do carry insurance. He ought to pay for your bike.

Steve Stenzel said...

Great photos! And I hope all works out with the bike!!! - that STINKS!!!!

(sorry you had to be schooled on the moose knuckle thing....)

JohnnyTri said...

WTF! I miss all the cool stuff, Kuotas flying all over and everything! haha. I hope its OK!

And super Congrats to all the TNT peeps that were in your group.
I miss you all!


Viv said...

A BIG congratualtions to all your TNT peeps crossing that CapTex Tri finish line. How could they not with super duper coach!!!

I love that the only thing that would cure your fever was more cowbell. Top 5 skit of SNL of all time, baby!

That is sad news about the bike, but I have a good feeling that all will be good to go.

I can't believe this weekend is almost here.

Please update us before you leave.

TNTcoach Ken said...

Great job Coach Liz! Boy, you look like a mother hen waiting at the swim portion. I know that feeling…..

Tiggs said...

wtg TEAM!

your bike will be ok. i know it :)