Monday, May 12, 2008


I was lucky enough to be able to wear a hat to work so I did not get any strange comments on my hair. My Pilates studio has "soft" lighting so none of my clients could tell anything was wrong in the semi-dark room. My PT clients that I do group training with had to cancel so I avoided more hair questions there. I wore the hat while I taught my weight lifting class. No one said anything. Whew!!! After class and a very Secret Squirrel errand, I was able to make a bee-line to see Tommy and see what he could do for my hair.

Tommy has been cutting my hair now for almost 3 years. I had long hair for a very long time and it was not until after I got out of school that I had it cut up to my shoulders. Each year it got a little shorter, and a little shorter, and then WHAM! I cut it all off and loved the freedom of not having to mess with my hair. Well, in the last 6 months I have been growing it out and Tommy has been doing a great job of making it look good while it goes through that terrible phase of growing out.

Super Long Hair

Ugh! Getting Shorter...My eyes hurt looking at this. This is one of those great Faculty Photos from when I taught high school English. Notice the flowery "Teacher Dress". You would not catch me dead in that today. Blech!

And Shorter...I had left teaching school and now fitness was my full time job.

And Still Shorter but now with Bangs!

Super Short! I went a little crazy after my mom passed away and cut it all off and it stayed this short for 5 1/2 years.

When I sat down in his chair, all he said was, "OH MY GOD! You really did burn your hair!" Then the other stylists had to come over and look at my head and start pulling at my hair. My hair was still falling out in some places and it still smelled awful. Tommy gave me the news that he was going to do the best that he could to keep some of the length and that there would probably still be some burnt hair left on my head, but that in areas it went down to the scalp. I sat with a deep conditioner on my head for 10 to 15 minutes and then Tommy went to work. It was a little sad seeing him cut my hair off because I had spent 6 months growing it out (and it was still short!) and was liking the fact that I could pull it back in two pitiful little "My Little Pony" tails.

This is what it looked like before the flame job...

Well, Tommy did a good job...

Now people are asking me about my new hair cut and I have to tell them the flaming head story and the look they get on their face is almost as funny as how I must have looked jumping around on my back patio with my shirt off and trying to snuff out my head.

So there you go with the hair update.

I had a great training weekend for my TNT gang. They had a Bass Akwards training day and did a 20 minute out and 20 minute back run, a 40 minute out and 40 minute back bike ride and then 2 loops around the lake for amlost 2000 yards. They did fantastic and they are now ready for their Olympic distance triathlon in two weeks in Austin, TX at the Capitol of Texas Triathlon.

I did one last long Chappell Hill bike ride in the hills in preparation for Switzerland in three weeks. It was super windy at 18 to 20 mph winds with gusts over 25 mph. I felt strong going up hill and into the wind and I know I will be ready for "The Beast" My computer went out on the stretch back in witht the tail wind, but I was cranking 53 x 13 gearing and feeling good and fast. It is fun when you have all that power and momentum and you seem to roll up and over those hills rather than have to work them. Terry was along with me for the ride and I knew his legs were a little toasty so I was not surprised when I had to wait for him to show up after that long stretch. I busied myself with chowing down on some Shot Blocks and taking in some fluids until I saw him come around the bend.

Taper time has started for my crew and my Taper begins in a few days. I have one last long run and long swim and and some Tempo work and then I get to start rolling back. I have so much to get done in the next week it is crazy! I will try to keep it updated.

Later Gators!



TNTcoach Ken said...

Wow, I thought this was one of those ‘..where are they now’ episodes. I’m glad that Tommy was able to perform his magic and all is well again. Yay for taper time.

Viv said...

The new do' looks great! Tommy did good saving it. I know it stunk though after growing it for 6 months.

I loved your flowered dress. If there was ever a teach who could pull it off it would be U! I always wondered if teachers went to a special store to get their clothes when I was young.

The ride sounded killer!! I am getting so excited for your teams CapTex and especially your IM70.3!!

TWRunner said...

Luckily you did not have to barbecue at Bass Akwards. Although, the lake would have been right there to save your hair.

Paul said...

Good recovery!!

greyhound said...

So, to sum up, you've gone from prom queen hair, through mom hair, and now are firmly into "Suzy has two mommies" hair. Not that there's anything wrong with that. :p

I'm totally razzing you. It actually looks great and short hair favors you IMHO.

Tiggs said...

I love your short hair! not many chicas can pull it off, but it works very well on you! be glad you don't have to mess with it. mine looks terrible short and is a pain in the ass long!