Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Around here...

Thursday at 5:30 am I am holding my annual Halloween Spin Class. I have a great line-up of spooky tunes and I give away 13 Lucky door prizes from gym bags to Starbucks gift cards. Everyone will get a treat of a mini Clif bar or mini Luna bar. Here is the line-up of tunes if you want to head on over to iTunes and make yourself a play list.

Jerry Sienfeld-- Halloween "Get Candy" skit
Van Halen--Running With the Devil
Bow Wow Wow--I Want Candy
Beatfreakz--Somebody's Watching Me
Oingo Boingo--Dead Man's Party
CCR--Bad Moon Rising
Ray Parker Jr.--Ghostbusters
Rocky Horror Picture Show--The Time Warp
Mitch Ryder--Devil With the Blue Dress On
Michael Jackson--Thriller
Santana--Black Magic Woman
Warren Zevon--Werewolves of London
Blue Oyster Cult--Don't Fear the Reaper
The Classics IV--Spooky

I have been working hard getting my Halloween costume ready and it is going to rock the house! Buddy's costume is pretty dang awesome as well. I will do the reveal on Friday!

Stay Tuned!!!



Steve Stenzel said...

That's awesome! I've been thinking that I need to add Don't Fear the Reaper to mine...


BreeWee said...

What a fun class! Makes me miss teaching spin!

I am actually racing IM Florida, just don't have the guts just yet to post it straight out since I got heckled so much for my last couple races and so many buttheads are telling me to give it a rest already and call it a season... so, I am just doing it for fun...and am SO EXCITED!

greyhound said...

Best halloween spin song for a long, painful interval: Ozzie -- Zombie Stomp

Rainmaker said...

Awesome list - I'll have to put it together tomorrow sometime!

Viv said...

Great list, Liz! I used a few of those for my Halloween class but it went over allright. I am still lacking some confidence as an instructor I must find it again. I am stuck in having many of my students just being SAHM's that want a workout not road trekies like me. Anwhoo geez enough about me how rude. Whenever you want to share some profiles let me know. I will inherit them gladly :)

Awesome 21 miler, babe! I am looking forward to heading over to San antonio and having a rocking fun fast time!

Buddy is too cute!

Eric said...

Man!!! I want to come to your spin class!!!