Monday, September 21, 2009

Ok, this is the weirdest picture to have over a bed...

Fill in your inappropriate joke here...

There are so many comments that could be made here. So many different meanings. Yes, the hotel was next to a golf course. Having a picture that talks about "Wood" above a bed...laugh inducing. The kid was trying to figure out why mom and dad were busting a gut when we walked in the room late at night on Thursday. After a 3 hour car ride, we just told him we were tired and loopy.

Well a quick recap of last week. I had two appointments with Dr. H and the first one was more percussive work on my skull and then percussive work on the area right below the xyphoid process in the fleshy area right below where the ribs meet in the middle. OMG that hurt!!! Dr. H said that I might have discomfort on the back of my pelvis at the Sacro-illio Joint. Well, when I went to run my track workout that night I had the most painful side stitch that I have had in years. It was hard to keep running and stand upright. I got slower and slower and my heart rate would not come up. It was painful and frustrating but I somehow finished the workout. I was back in to see Dr. H the next day and he nodded his head and said, "I wondered if that would happen." OUCH, why didn't he warn me about that? Anyway, he did more percussive work on my back and hips. Again after the Jedi Mind Tricks where he asks my body questions and my muscles respond by either being weak or strong, he sent me on my way to go and run out some kinks.

Just as the Flock of Seagulls song goes, "And I ran!" I ran for an hour on Thursday morning before going on errands and packing. I had a mild side stitch that showed up 20 minutes into the run and was gone by the end of it. It was a hot and humid morning and I had to get some running done before getting on that plane. Dr. H's voo-doo witch doctor magic seems to be working.

Since we got to South Dakota around midnight, I slept in and did not get running until 10 am on Friday. It was a refreshing 67 degrees! I have not had temps like that to run in since last March or April. While El Esposo and the kid went to pick up tuxedos, I ran for an hour and 45 minutes and found some great hike and bike trails in this little town. No side stitches and no leg heaviness, Yahoo! I ran towards the South Dakota and Nebraska state line and my intention was to take a picture at the state line, but the new bridge had no shoulder to run on and there were too many cars at lunch-time on this 4-lane bridge. Even the old bridge was blocked off.
Self photo at the South Dakota/Nebraska State Line.


We found a good Mexican restaurant to have lunch and then drove around the area to check out the fields of corn and to go to the Lewis and Clark Lake and recreational area. It did not seem too far, so I made up my mind to run to the dam the next morning. My bother-in-law said I was nutty enough to do it and he did not expect less. Here is the view of Lewis and Clark Lake from the point the Sacagawea pointed west for Lewis and Clark.
What a bunch of crazy Mexicans!

Signed Copy??? Sacagawea signed it???

Not long after that, it was time to load in the cars and drive to the tiny town where the wedding was going to be held. Basically, you cross the bridge to get to Nebraska, make the first left hand turn and follow the gravel road until it stops. The town population was recorded at 86 members in the last census. We had a nice time at the rehearsal and there was a traditional fried chicken diner in the Church hall afterwards. Since I was the only member of the family who had no part in the wedding, I got to sit and admire the Church. I have not been in a beautiful country Church like this since I was a kid and went to mid-central Missouri to my grandparent's ranch. Churches like these are not found in cities anymore.
I'm not lying about go to the end of the dirt road.
They were right, we were in the middle of Nowhere.

Holy Family Immaculate Conception Catholic Church

The next morning, I headed out for the Gavins Point Dam. I left the hotel at 8 am and the outdoor temp was 55 degrees. I had wanted to leave at 7 am, but I slept in a little bit. I am glad I did, because I would have been chilly in only a tank top. I ran out to the high school and then down to the local hospital and the small collage in town and jumped on the hike and bike path out to the dam. After a small uphill run this was my view...
The pictures lie about how big and steep this hill was.

The dam is out pas the last line of trees in this picture. It occurred to me that I would have to run back up this hill on the way back. Ugh! I got to the Gavins Point Dam and found a bathroom at the park and headed back. On the way back, I ran up the hill without having to stop to walk. That is huge for a girl from the flat Texas gulf coast.Here is the dam from the other side. Again, I was denied running to the Nebraska side due to the one lane road and no shoulder on part of the dam bridge.

The temperatures were great, but because of the low humidity, I was starting to chafe under one arm and on my upper leg where my shorts were rubbing. Dang, I don't experience that in Houston. I am always so sweaty that chaffing is rarely an issue. After 2 hours and 30 minutes setting out on my run, I made it back to the hotel. Everyone had left to go to the Church for photos at 11 am. I had to get cleaned up and find some food before meeting El Esposo's aunt and uncle to catch a ride to the wedding.

All I found was a left over Clif Kid's Z Bar and a Clif Kid's Twisted Fruit and the last two Shot Bloks from my run. Ok, I needed food. No breakfast and no lunch was not in my plans. Once we made it to the Church, I caught El Esposo walking back from the town corner "market" with a can of Lays Stackers, Peanut M&M's, and Gatorade. That was lunch. My mother-in-law found me a small turkey and cheese sandwich. That would have to hold me. My mother-in-law also came to the rescue with some hand cream that I had to use to keep the static cling from adhering my dress to the back of my legs. Again, this is rarely a problem that I am faced with in Houston.
My bother-in-law Oscar and new sister-in-law Sara.
The Nebraska Limo

The wedding was very beautiful and the bride and the groom, my new sister-in-law and my brother-in-law, looked very happy. After the wedding, the wedding party loaded into the Nebraska limo and headed around the corner to the Social Hall for the reception. I had my brush with Hollywood Fame at the wedding. Sara's cousin is Justin Bruening.
Photo and me and Justin is coming...El Esposo has it in his camera.

He was on All My Children and just recently, he was the new Knight Rider. He is married to Alexa Havins who stars on CSI: Miami. That means that there is 6 degrees of separation between me and David Caruso! I feel so lucky!!!

Well, I am back in H-town and back to the humidity and heat. I have lots of good workouts lined up this week as I start getting closer and closer to IMCZ. I put in a special order at the tri shop last week and it should be here in about a week. I can hardly wait!

Later Gators,



Spokane Al said...

It sounds like a terrific wedding and a great, great time.

Liz, not that I would ever doubt you but I have looked and looked at your photos and have yet to find anything resembling a hill.

Racn4acure said...

Pretty funny over-the-bed poster.

Two states I've never been in.

You need to carry body glide.

I am sure you meant to say "brother in law" for your photo, not "bother in law" but that is pretty funny.

Now if Lewis and Clark also signed the cookbook, that is really valuable. Art

Ryan said...

I like the bridge to nowhere :-)

Anonymous said...

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