Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I like getting myself birthday gifts!

Today I am finally the age that I have been racing at all year long. It is really anti-climactic since I feel I have been this age all year long. However, my faux 40th birthday will be on January 1, 2010 when I get to age up to the next Age Group. I am really excited about that because I get to leave the "fast chick" group and I have noticed that my new age group comes with such benefits as we get to start earlier than the last age group wave which has happened to me on many occasions in the past 5 years. I also get to race in a smaller age group which might up my chances to get into the top quarter of my age group rather being stuck in the middle.

As you can see from the picture, this is what I special ordered for myself for my birthday. El Esposo came home last night and asked what it was and then asked if he could wrap it and give it to me. LOL, he has no idea what to ever get me for my birthday or Christmas. What I did get was another REI gift card. I have enough money in REI cards now to get the new Garmin, but seeing how I am technologically challenged and hardly understand how the stuff I already own works, I should go with my other option. My other option is to take and REI Adventure trip! I would love to go to the Grand Canyon again or to Yellowstone.

Anyway, it is a busy work and training day. I have to get that out of the way first before I can splurge on a piece of cake.

Have a great day!



Christi said...

Happy Birthday and welcome to my age group!!!

Greyt Times said...

In honor of your birthday, I ordered mine too! We'll be matchy matchy at the start line! :P

Happy Birthday!

Steve Stenzel said...

Sweet self-gift! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I think I recall from last year that you and Pharmie had the same one, but maybe that's a made-up dream...

Anyway, enjoy the day!!

Rainmaker said...

Ooohhh..very cool. Happy Birthday!

JohnnyTri said...



Steve Stenzel said...

There's NNOOOO way we know what Triathlete Mag's people are thinking when they come to the final decision. So who knows who will win this thing. HOPEFULLY, it's someone from Gallery 1!


And yeah, some of those comments are downright STUPID! Mean people out there! Boo. Mean people suck.

Greyt Times said...

Yah, yah....I'm heading out for my 5:30 ride in the 27 degree bet your ASS I'll have my gloves! BRRRRRR!!!!

Have a good run!

Trishie said...

happy birthday !! please let me know what you think of the skin suit !

Speed Racer said...

Ooooooh! Been wishing I had one of those all week and wondering which gives a better advantage: race wheels or swim skins? So the official verdict is no wetsuits in Coz?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, by the way. On the birthday note, I was sitting with a couple tipsy 21-year-olds the other night and they were saying that they would "definitely do a 40-year-old if she were hott!" So there you go: next time you age up, you can still be fast AND hott enough for a 21-year-old! Happy Birthday.

Greyt Times said...

Your note about the run - YEP! Found that out when I did my run off the bike. I can't believe how much I went the whole day! Had to have been a half a gallon - at least it felt like it. And I had leg warmers on for the bike and kept them on, so on the run....yeah, I was pretty disgusting when I was finished. Wow. Amazing what we do to get through the distance.

What hotel are you staying at? When are you arriving. Email me and lets start getting some plans in place.