Monday, May 10, 2010

Catching last...

I have been a little busy, and frankly, a little lazy about posting so this may be a marathon post. I hope it won't. Let's see if I can stay on task and get this done.

Lonestar/ Memorial Hermann 70.3

I had a great weekend with my TNT participants and my friends. The swim was canceled for the sprint and Olympic distance race due to a front that blew in and whipped up the swim venue into a mess of white caps and a wicked current. The races went off as a time trial format. My good friend Ryan came in 2nd in his age group. I spent the night down in Galveston with Ryan and my other TNT friends Geoff and Sarah at a condo on the seawall. I was the only one in the group that was not racing so I was in charge of diner. The next day I had a blast watching the professionals race the 70.3 race. They are crazy fast! I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story...

Ryan with his 2nd Place AG M 30-34 trophy.

Chris Lieto leading on the run.

Desirre Ficker heading out on the run.

My TNT buddy Geoff on his second loop of the run.

Laura finishing her first 70.3 Ironman distance race! Yahoo!!! GO TEAM!!!

Sam Maglone coming in for her First Place Finish!

Me and TJ Tolakson! He can hold his sweaty body against me ANYTIME.

Here I am with the AWESOME Michele Jones.

Coach and Kiwi Terenzo Bozone, winner of the Memorial Hermann 70.3. He is quite chatty and nice.

TRX Training

My coach has me doing workouts on the TRX Suspension Training System. I love it! It is very challenging because you need to use your own body weight and it provides an unstable surface. I am sore and tight all the time. Greyhound also adds that I am also cranky to go along with it, but I beg to differ. I have three workouts a week and as tough as they are and and sore as I am, I had better be one bad-ass triathlete later this fall.

Ironman 2

IT WAS AWESOME!!! I have a little bit of a crush on Tony Stark, er...Robert Downey Jr. I am now looking forward to the other movies that will lead up to The Avengers.


My friends, Geoff and Sarah got married on Saturday. I met Geoff through Team in Training and raced in Cancun and Clearwater at the 70.3 World Championships with him. At that time he was in an off an on relationship with Sarah but little did we know that she flew out to Clearwater and saw the whole race with her sister and had her sister deliver a "love note" to Geoff in the massage tent after the race. Sarah did not understand the whole triathlon thing until going to see Geoff at this race even though she had seen a few sprint races. Well, now she has finished the Rhode Island 70.3 and she loves triathlon. Sarah is a great gal. We ran the Goofy Challenge together at Disney World this past January. It was a beautiful wedding and the bride and groom are truly in love with each other.

My groom of nearly 18 years. Yes, you are seeing clearly...I'm wearing pink.

Mother's Day

What a great day! I started thing off with a tough 10 mile run with Greyhound. We did 7 or 8 race pace surges throughout the run. It was perfect weather with low humidity. If it had been humid it would have been tough and rough. I wore my new running duds that I bought for El Esposo to give me for Mother's Day.

I think I have found my new favorite pair of running shorts! I got a pair of Lululemmon Speed shorts. They are great because they ride low on the hips and the waist band is a flat, seamless wide strip of fabric that does not chafe. The liner has flat stitched seams with the finished edge against the skin rather than the raw edge. Also, the liner is not too tight in the legs. The best part is that the shorts are short in the leg in the front and longer in the back so there is no "cheek" hanging out. Oh, and my shorts are not pink. They are aqua blue plaid.

After some apres run coffee with Greyhound, it was time to get home and get cleaned up for church. We had brunch reservations to eat at Stella Sola. Brian Caswell, a James Beard Award Nominee chef, co-owns Stella Sola and the fare is Italian with a Texas bent to it. I had a yummy fritatta, a light baby lettuce salad with pepperoni pizza squares, and pistachio pound cake with sour cherries for my meal. To. Die. For.

After laying on the floor and watching Sherlock Holmes with Bud and running a few errands, I was ready to really relax. I had a great Mother's Day.

Well, now it is back to the work week and strength training. I will check in later this week.

Later Gators



TNTcoach Ken said...

Wow, that was a great post and the pixs, you know everyone! Never used the TRX for lower body and now that I know it hurts............

Christi said...

Great pics of the race and congrats to all TNT teammates!

You clean up real well! :) You look great in the pic with your hubby.

Happy Mother's Day!

Regina said...

You triathlete stalker! Great shots. Congrats to your TNT teammates.

I love that pic of you and your son, I can really see the resemblance, wow. So cute!

Happy belated Mother's Day!