Friday, July 23, 2010


I took Jamie's advice and batted a few eyelashes, flipped my hair a few times, and sent this photo into the Zipp rep and my mechanic gave them all the details about my cracked wheel set. It seems that Zipp does not want me to go without wheels so they were generous enough to offer me a great deal through their Crash Replacement Program.

I can replace my 404's for $700!!! Of course I have to pay for shipping to send the wheels back in so they can retrieve the hubs and there will be some labor costs to do the spokes and get the new rims on. If I want 808's, the cost is $780!!! I would have to pay a little extra for a few more spokes since my hubs run more spokes and they would drill the rim for more spokes.

I would be a fool to pass up this kind of deal. I still have not made a firm decision on what I am going to do. I need to talk to my coach a bit more. He advised me that I may want to run a 404 on the front and an 808 on the back. He said the 808 on the front in the wind can feel twitchy to him and Coach Woofie is much taller and heavier than I am. At 117 lbs. I know that I am not heavy enough to run a disk on the back for fear I would be blown off the road so a deep dish on the front may not be a good thing either. So over the next 10 days while I am in deep thought pedaling my way up the sides of mountains on my high altitude training camp, I will weigh the pros and cons.

Yes fair reader, I am leaving on a jet plane. My road bike is already at 9,000 feet above sea level waiting for me. I need this break from work. I need a chance to not have to work out other people but to work on me. Not only will I be doing one hell of an epic ride next weekend that some refer to as the Copper Triangle, but I will be trail running and hiking some fourteeners. There will be swimming involved and strength training as well.

Am I a little sick and twisted to go on vacation only to thrash my muscles and tax my lungs rather than relax and zone out? Am I a little addicted to exercise when people comment on the goofy smile and twinkle in my eye when I tell them about my trip? Am I hopelessly lost to the dark side when I have to find a duffel bag large enough for my foam roller to fit inside of it? Am I considered to be a little "out there" by the other kids on the bus because I have a TRX suspension training system and it is going on the trip with me?


I hear there is WiFi in spots and for sure the Starbucks can get me a free link up if I buy a cup of Joe. I may not be too wordy due to a lack of oxygen to the brain, but I will at least post a photo essay of my play dates with the other adrenalin junkies. Stay tuned for all the adventures!

Later Gators,



Ryan said...

Um, I have a pair of 404's... could I send them in with yours and get 808's in return for $780 also??? =) Good work. I don't think the same tactic will work for guys.

JohnnyTri said...

sounds like a fun weekend!!

cash in on those ZippSSSSS!!!
but you'll still be slower on the downhills than me!! okay we wont talk about the Uphills.. :-{


CoachLiz said...


I will be in God's Country until August 2nd.

Regina said...

Ok, you are smokin' hot! (I mean that in a "I like men, but I can still appreciate it" kind of way, ha!).

And yes, you are crazy to have that kind of vacation; mine consists of sitting on my ass on the beach drinking Corona's. But then that is why you look the way you do and I look the way I do. Have fun!! and way to score those wheels!

Spokane Al said...

Very cool - it sounds like Zipp is treating you right.

I like my 808s very much but have gotten a bit beaten around when the wind is coming from the side.

P.S. Is that a blackened toe nail on the big toe of your left foot?

Jay said...

Liz, Have a great time and I look forward to the report of your adventure....

Jamie said...

You are not crazy. I brought both bikes on my vacation last week just in case one of my non athletic friends wanted to join me on some cycling adventures.

Oh, and if I sent a pic like that of me in a speedo, Zipp would probably pay me $700 to leave them alone.

Gotta use what 'cha momma gave ya!


Maybe Kuota will send you a new green fork :-)

TNTcoach Ken said...

What kind of flowering bush is that in the back yard??????