Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Grinch's heart is melting...

After a healthy dose of "A Charlie Brown Christmas", "Elf", and getting my kid to decorate the Christmas trees I am starting to feel a little more in the spirit of the season. I still have some other stuff to sort out such as buying people gifts before we head to my Dad's tomorrow while still having to work today.

Physically, I am that sad bag of Misfit Toys from the Rudolph TV special. Some things are getting better. Other things are out of control. Right now, my main pain is coming from my pelvis. I went to Spine & Sports Therapy on Monday for some tightness in my left IT Band, a feeling of instability in my left Sacroiliac joint, and a pinch in my right shoulder that gave me a zinger of a pinch on my Saturday Masters Swim Workout. My regular Doc, Dr. H, is already on holiday so I saw the new doc in the office, Dr. Jeff. Dr. Jeff did a release on my Sacrotubural ligament, put some vertebra in my mid back and neck back in place and I felt great walking out of there. Things were fine at work on Monday. On Tuesday morning I woke up before my alarm and I knew things were out of sorts.

I don't know if men really understand how hormones and their constant ebb and flow of them in the female body can wreak havoc on our health and ability to function. Throw in a viral infection to the mix and things start spiraling out of control. I was able to get through a Pilates mat class with some Tylenol and other pain relief options but by the end of the day I was having trouble getting comfortable. The pain in my pelvis was back and now something was compressing my Sciatic nerve and sending radiating pain down the back of my left leg.

This morning, the one morning I could sleep in without having an early class or to get someone up for school, was something I was looking forward to. Well, not so much. El Esposo was snoring louder than a freight train and woke me up at 4 am. THREE HOURS before my alarm. I moved to the guest room to sleep, but the pain in my pelvis (butt) was so intense I could not get back to sleep. I crawled out of that bed after 45 minutes and ate breakfast and looked at the latest copy of Outdoor magazine for about 90 minutes and then tried to crawl back into bed. The pain was bad but if I could just get 30 minutes of snoozing before the alarm went off I would be happy. Nope, the snoring started again mere minutes after I crawled back under the blankets.

So now I am waiting to see if I get a call back from Spine & Sports to go back in and get fixed again.

No running, just hobbling. No cycling. I don't think I could swing my leg over the bike. I don't know what I am going to do about the noon class I teach. Oh well...

More later,



Christi said...

I am so sorry that you are in pain! I feel ya. I have been in the same situation several times throughout this past year. And you are right guys do not understand at all how much hormones affect us. Plus, the fact that they should really avoid us for their own good!

I will be sending healing vibes your way.

Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

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Speed Racer said...

:( sounds like I missed you really doing a number on yourself. It's a shame that you can't just stop and rehab like normal people do because of your job.

Sounds miserable. Take care of you!

Merry Christmas!