Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Crazy Dreams Have Begun

I have successfully gotten my last long training week completed! There were two massive swims, three 8 mile runs plus a 21 mile run before work on Friday morning, two interval sessions on the bike plus 106 miles last Saturday, a TRX session, plus all my group fitness and Pilates classes that I teach at work. Now as I begin my taper, the fun business of aches, pains, swelling, and strange dreams begins.

"Strange dreams?", you say...."What kind of strange dreams?" Ironman strange dreams. Dreams that wake me up in a panic that I somehow missed the start of the event. Dreams that I forgot a major piece of equipment, such as my triathlon shorts. Dreams that somehow I cut the course on the point-to-point swim and that's why I finished the event with an awesome time, but I'm now disqualified. Just how in the hell do you cut the course on a point-to-point swim. Well, on this IMTX course, it can be done.

I have 17 days left! I have so much to do, but because this race is in my backyard I feel like I am lolly-gagging along and procrastinating about some things. One of them is getting my house cleaned for three other athletes to stay with us. To be fair, the painters finished painting the last guest room on Monday and the carpet cleaning service comes tomorrow. After that, I will be able to move furniture back into the room and the upstairs should be done. I just have to get the downstairs finished. If worse comes to worse, the boxes of stuff that got moved out of the guest room closets will go in the garage for a week or two and then after the race I will have time to go through them and determine what is kept, what is donated, and what is trashed.

Sorry things won't be too exciting for the next week or so, but stay tuned for what happens for athlete #414.

Later Gators,



Christi said...

I hear ya about the dreams. I have some crazy ones before races also.

Good luck with the taper. I hope you don't get taper madness! :P

I will be cheering you on from Colorado on race day! Go get 'em girl!

greyhound said...

"Capture the dream."
--Chazz Michael Michaels

Jamie said...

I never had the crazy pre-IM dreams!

I was just so tuckered out that I hit the pillow and didn't move for a solid 8-10 hours.

Can't wait to track you Liz! You are going to kill it. (Just don't cheat!)