Friday, May 13, 2011

Taper Madness!!!

I do feel a little like the race horse that is nervously waiting for the bell to go off and the gate to swing open. I have enjoyed shortened workouts this past week and strangely, my extra time has been consumed with getting tasks done that have been put off for weeks. At times, the nerves go away and I know that things will be fine. I am ready.

Boy, am I ready. I know this course like the pattern of freckles on my arms. I know where the bumps in the pavement are and I know where the gas stations with flush toilets and a Dr. Pepper made with Imperial Cane Sugar are. I know where the shade will and will not be on the run and where I can dunk my head in a cool fountain if need be. I know where the port-o-can is located on a building site and I know where the drinking fountains are. I have done the hard work in the hard wind and if it is blowing on race day, I've already dealt with it and know that I can get back to T2 without bonking or throwing in the towel. They say it may rain. That just keeps the heat at bay and my grass sure needs it. The only thing that is going to put a twist in my tri shorts is the fact that there is going to be all these freakin' people out on my bike and run route getting in my way and hogging the road!

Not having to pack race gear or get my bike into a bike box makes it seem like I really am not doing a race but just another training day. And because it is "just another training day", I don't have the fantastic build up of support. When I asked my kid if he was going to get El Esposo to get him out to The Woodlands to see me finish the race, he was kind of wishy-washy about it. I have a feeling they won't come out to see the race. My parents won't be able to come because my step-brother, Brian, is coming to visit them for the weekend. My best girlfriend, Cathy, just moved to Colorado last week and cannot come. I have not seen many of my friends in weeks or months because of all of my training. I've lost touch. I'm holding out for the "GO TEAM!!!" yells that I will get and hopefully there will be a few local TNT people I know who will be out there on the run course to give me some cowbell.

One week to go...

Later Gators,


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Christi said...

Girl, I will be sending you so many "Go Liz" vibes from Colorado it will get you through the day no problem! I am so excited for you. I can't wait to track you online.

Have a great race day in your home town and know that I am cheering you on with my big girly voice and a lot of cowbell!