Thursday, September 20, 2007

Almost Done Packing...


Loser chick tries to change her rear tire and then she cannot get the tire back on the rim. I had to take the wheel back to the local bike shop (LBS) and get them to muscle it on. If I get a flat in this race, it is all over. I struggled for close to an hour before I resigned to hopping in the car and heading over to the shop. I am saying a few prayers that running Ultra Gatorskins with Tuffy liners will keep me from a flat or I will have to DNF. A flat tire is NOT an option.

I am basically packed, but now I am just putzing around. I have the lap top and a few other things to throw in my bag and then to take the bike case and bag out to the car. I am bummed because my DVD folder with some of the movies I like is not to be found. WHO HAS IT??? At least I have Taladega Nights and Old School to take with me.

Alright, I am going to finish up and try to get some sleep before I pull an all nighter like I usually do the night before a flight out to a race.

More once I get to Cancun!!!