Friday, September 28, 2007

Busted Immune System!

Well, I knew it might happen. I have some sort of ick hanging in my left sinus. It came on Thursday and I found a left over, and almost full, prescription for Welbid that I had for a sinus infection last January. I have been pounding it so that I can stave off getting a full blown illness. Rest is very important. Geoff e-mailed me that he feels like he has the flu. I am not surprised that we feel like crap. The immune system takes a huge hit durring a race and it did not help that we stayed up all night after the race celebrating. I will have to ask Lauren how she is feeling.

I took my bike in to the shop to get the brakes looked at and the seat tightened down after hitting that cement obstacle in the road during the race. I did a 30 minute ride and it was a differnt story after the dismal ride on Sunday. Today, I was working at or under my 80% HR Max and passing everyone on the loop easily. At least I get a "Do-Over" in Clearwater.

I found a great condo/town home to rent while in Clearwater. Geoff and I are there for sure and I have asked my buddy Mitch if he wants to go in on the cost. I am sure that I can get a few more peole to go in on the cost. It is a bargain at $175 a night, has 7 beds, and is only 5 minutes walking distance from ther race site. Now I have to get the airfare, but I found a round trip ticket at $211 on Continental.

Alright, more gibberish and rambblings later,

CL :0)

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