Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Time To Pack...

This is going to be short today. I did my last 30 minute easy swim today inbetween personal training clients and teaching class. I went to see JohnnyTri who is one of my Sports Docs and got a last minute race tune-up. My other doc J.D. was booked up solid. These two guys are incredible! They keep me doing all the things that I love to do and doing it pain free. If I could only have a 1/4th of their knowledge about how the body works I would be blessed. After that, it was on to one of my two favorite bike shops to pick up my new Polar Power Meter computers. I took the other one in to see if they could show me how to take it off the mount so that I could download workout info onto Training Peaks and the little plastic gizmos that hold the computer to the mount broke off. So for the past week I have had the Mex-ghetto set up of keeping my computer on the bike with a bunch of rubber bands.
I say that with love since I am half Mexican. I'm a pretty sorry Mex at that. I had Spanish lessons and classes from 4th grade all the way through high school and 16 hours of Spanish in college and I can hardly speak the darn language. Well, this weekend in Cancun I get my chance to try out my very poor Spanish speaking skills and have the locals laugh at me. My dad headed off to Madrid, Spain today to visit my uncle so he will have to go total immersion as well.
Clothes are packed and now it is on to the race bag. My non-athleticly inclined spouse is drilling new latches onto my bike case that the airport gorillas have broken off on the other travels around the country with my bike. I will be getting my bike in order tomorrow.
I talked with one of my training buddies who is going to Cancun. Geoff is incredibly talented and I really do think that he has a good chance for a roll-down slot for Clearwater, Florida. He is finally done with his final exams and has been getting ready for our flight the day after tomorrow. He still has to figure out if he is going to get a new helmet. Uh dude, get a new helment. Yours is like 5 or 6 years old and it has a crack in it.
Speaking of final exams...I have been procrastinating with an assignment that was due last month. I have three lectures that I have to video tape and a cycling class to teach that I have to video as well and I have just been too lazy (please read as busy) to do them. I wanted to get it done last month before I went to Portland for the Hood to Coast Relay and I missed the deadline. Now I have a sinking feeling that I am going to miss this self imposed deadline as well. Damn. O.k., I have to get back to getting my stuff done. I have an e-mail that I have to send out to my Marathon Training Group about this weekend's route. JohnnyTri is my assistant coach and he is on his own this weekend with the group. Good Luck Coach John! Our group has 125 or so runners and walkers in it and he is going to need all the help from our mentors that he can get since this will be the first time that he will be at the helm by himself. Our other assitant coach will also be out of town.

Geez, I have to stop rambling on and on and on....

More later,

CL :0)

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JohnnyTri said...

yah, you should be packing but more blah blah blah..

Kick ass in Cancun and see ya when u get back..
oh, thanks for the Shout out!