Friday, February 29, 2008

LA Marathon


I leave for the airport in the morning at 5 am. Johnny Tri will be picking me up at LAX and then it is off to packet pick-up.

I am very excited for this marathon! This will be my first marathon for time since the one that was tacked onto the end of Arizona IM in 2006. I kinda feel like I have been cheating with the 1/2 marathons. Like I really want to suffer more??!!?? Crazy Girl!

But I feel ready for this one. My coach has me pegged at a really unbelievable time. I am shooting for 4:15. I am going out easy with Johnny Tri for the first few miles and then after the first 10K I am going to start easing into my race pace. I am confident about my fueling and hydration plan. I am stocked up on S-Caps. All I will need to do is get some Ensure with protein when I get to LA.

I will write a race report on Monday!

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Steve Stenzel said...

It's Monday! Where's the post?!?!