Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Egg Run!

Hey Everyone!

I hope that you had a bright sunny and warm Easter weekend like we had here in the Texas Gulf Coast. The only bad thing that happened is that my husband let it slip to the kid that Mom is really the Easter Bunny. Here is what happened. I had gotten the kid off to bed and started dying the eggs and assembling the basket. I had bought a pre-made Gingerbread house that needed decorating to look like a rabbit hutch. So I spent way to much time working on that. It was pretty scary looking until all the gum drops, jelly beans, and green coconut grass was on it. The basket was filled with the Indiana Jones movie collection, a current copy of the DuPont Registry, a Led Zeppelin CD, a new Houston Astros jersey that did not have druggie Roger Clemens or Andy Pettit's name on the back, and an assortment of goofy things like a Slinky, Silly Putty, a wind up swimming dolphin, and some candy. I get everything in place and clean up the kitchen and put the box that the gingerbread rabbit hutch came in down deep in the paper recycling box.

The kid was stoked with the rabbit house and the basket. Later in the day, he asks me what time I went to bed and I pawn off some story about 10:30 (more like 1 am) and that I was in bed before Dad was (true). About an hour or so later, the kid comes up to me and puts his arm around my shoulder and starts to rub my back, "Mom," he says, "I don't want you to have your feelings hurt but Dad told me that you made that bunny house. We found the box in the recycling tub when we went to go empty it. Dad told me not to tell you that he said you made it. But I really like it. It's cool. You did a good job on in." SHIT!!! Stone cold BUSTED!!! I gave my husband the evil eye and asked him why he revealed the secret. His answer was that the kid was asking. I told him he could have spun the story. Oh well, innocence is lost. Now it is time for Santa and the Tooth Fairy to be revealed like the Wizard was when Dorthy pulled back the curtain in Oz.

On Saturday, I had my Easter Egg Run with my Team in Training group. It was a blast. We did a 5 mile looping course through the park and they had 5 check points that they had to reach. Before the run, each person was given a plastic bag and they were told that they needed to collect an egg at each check point. Check point 1 had eggs filled with SPF 30 chap stick with the TNT logo on it. Check point 2 had eggs filled with a Power Gel (still in the package of course). Check point 3 had eggs filled with some Team in Training logo temporary tattoos. Check point 4 had eggs filled with TNT jelly bracelets. Check point 5 had eggs filled with mini sticks of Body Glide that USA Triathlon sends out with race sanctioning stuff for race goody bags.

As you can see, it was great weather for a run and everyone had a great time. A few people got off track and took a wrong turn, but since we were in a park they were all going to find the way back to the starting point. At the conclusion of the run, I brought out 7 dozen CASCARONES or confetti eggs. If you did not have the wonderful opportunity of growing up Hispanic or in Texas, then you missed out on some good fun. It is kind of like not knowing what a Cow Tail is from Steve in a Speedo's post. Well, take 7 dozen confetti eggs, and 18 sweaty runners (who by the way are doctors, lawyers, engineers, teachers, and parents themselves) and there was a Duel in the Sun! I was the first one to smacked with an egg to the head and it all went down hill from there.

This weekend is the LONE STAR TRIATHLON FESTIVAL in Galveston, Texas. We will be moving into the beach house on Friday afternoon with the Sprint on Saturday and the Quarter and Half IM distances on Sunday. I will take lots of pics and give a full report.

Hasta Luego!



Viv said...

Aww, my fining out about Santa still is dramatic for me. I love all the hard work you put into it, and it is so sweet how he appreciated it. What a fun Easter egg run! That would keep running interesting no doubt. Eww on the cascarones and the sweaty runners. I bet people might still be finding confetti somewheres. I am excited for this weekend, but not as stoked as i would if "I felt better. I will be 920 on Saturday and I hope this weather behaves. I can't wait to meet ya! Hopefully I don't fall off my bike right in front of ya!

Steve Stenzel said...

Looks like fun! It would've been sweet if the Powergel WEREN'T in the package and just all over the inside of the eggs!

Are you still going to be on TV this weekend?

TNTcoach Ken said...

Way to make a training fun Coach. We’re still in the middle of winter with this crappy weather. It sure would be nice to see what my team looks like in one layer!

The Lazy Triathlete said...

What?!!!! No Easterbunny? I think it is more awesome that he came up and thanked you. That is really cool. Plus you give damn good loot!!

Rainmaker said...

Ha! That looks awesome. You've got a great group down there. I think a fun challenge would have been to have them NOT get plastic bags, and instead have to hold it all. Good stuff though!

KCWoodhead said...

I just did the sprint last year, but I'm doing the sprint and aquabike this year.

Lance Notstrong said...

Hunting Easter Eggs while running. That's cool :-) I never thought of that!!!

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