Friday, November 19, 2010

Imagine No More!

Today at lunch I was checking my e-mail and found a message from Carol Nash, the Advancement Coordinator from the Awty International School. My blog had popped up on her Google Crawler and she was nice enough to send me some of the photos from the Ram Run 5K. Thank you Carol!

So imagine no more and look at me run:
In both photos you will notice that BOTH of my feet are off the ground!!! I really look like a runner!!!

Leave it to my buddy Shawn to comment that he was glad that I was able to pass that 10 year-old behind me. There were some fast kids at this race. The female overall winner was a 12 year-old with a pace of 6:05! The organizing committee did a great job of putting on this event. There were fun activities for the kids, guest appearances by Ronald McDonald and Pepe the Parrot from Fiesta Grocery, lots of great food and drinks at the post race party, and a DJ that was awesome. Everyone was dancing in the street in front of the stadium. El Esposo's boss had two kids who graduated from the Awty International School so I decided to give back to the school and support their athletic program.

Tomorrow is the Kingwood HS Rock the Band 5K and the money they raise will help send the band on their trip to New York. We shall see how I do. Check back in for details.

Later Gators,