Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Weapon XL Update

Protocol Three--Balance on Wobble Board to warm up and then 5 x 1 minute of jumping rope followed by Ankle & Foot Workout 1.1 (Important, do not skip). TRX 1 workout + TRX Row to Rotation 1 X 10 only.

Findings: Subject worked on Wobble Board in the Frontal, Sagital, and Transverse plane for 8 minutes followed by the jump rope sessions. Subject noted that quads were sore from yesterday's run intervals and that the Gastrocnemius and Solieus were fatiguing fast in the first two jump rope intervals but that the burning sensation abated in the last three intervals. Foot and Ankle workout was completed and Subject noticed the dynamic stretching helped to loosen up the lower leg. TRX work was completed in a timely manner and the Subject was still able to maintain core control and form at the end of the workout.

Workout was short to allow for extra recovery before the Subject's lengthy protocol tomorrow.