Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day 2: Weapon XL

Protocol Two-- 2 x 1 mile @ 7:00 min/mile pace or incline of 2 and speed setting of 8.3 on the treadmill with 2:00 minute easy jog recovery. Follow up with foam rolling to the Piriformis, Hamstrings, and IT Band.

Findings: Subject was apprehensive to begin session. With prodding, and keeping the treadmill on a low speed for the first 3 minutes, the subject began easy jogging. Two outcomes were going to be looked at. One, would the subject suffer from fatigue due to cycle ergonometer intervals that had just taken place; and two, would the subject suffer from a GI Track failure. There were only two high intensity efforts, but the subject seemed daunted at the intensity of the session. As the first "test" session began, the subject kept close contact of the left upper appendage on the treadmill. The subject did not seem to be hanging on, but rather the contact seemed to provide mental comfort that the subject would not be thrown off of the back of the treadmill. Audio stimulation was provided and the first selection was chosen to keep the subject relaxed for the first portion of the "test" Breathing stayed even and lower appendage turnover was quick and efficient. The subject even became confident enough to remove contact with the upper appendage to the treadmill. No drift or decrease in pace was noted. Audio stimulation was changed to promote an increase of speed. Subject responded well and breathing remained under control. At the conclusion of the first 7:00 minute test, the subject's heart rate was still in the high aerobic zone without having gone into the "Red Zone". 2 minutes of power walking with an additional 2 minutes of easy jogging was given to recover and prepare for the second interval.

"Test" #2 unfolded in much the same way as "test" #1, but with one difference. The audio stimulation was changed to reverse the stimulus. Rather than leading off with a relaxing sequence and concluding with a selection that would promote increased energy and tempo, the down tempo sequence was administered at the half way point to the end. Even though the stimulus was provided by N.E.R.D., the subject was caught "clock watching" on more than one occasion to assess how much time was left in the "test" and the breathing became ragged in the final 60 seconds of the interval. Despite this, the subject was able to successfully complete the "test" the second time and did not experience a loss of power or a failure of the GI track.

Foam rolling was administered to the Piriformis, Hamstrings, and Illio-Tibial Band on both sides of the subject. Subject seemed to respond well to the deep tissue work and there were no instances of agitation such as growling or snapping. Proper hydration, nutrition and cooling were administered.

Normal activity will resume until the administration of tomorrow's protocol.

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