Thursday, January 2, 2014

Where to start...


Life has gotten in the way.  I neglected this blog and I have probably neglected myself in the process.  Here is a brief follow up from the last post I made seven or eight months ago to get you caught up on what kind of mess I have been dealing with:

  1. My secret project was learning how to play the violin.  I had my first concert in November.  It is humbling and exciting.  I sound awful.
  2. The kid failed Algebra I and took summer school and made an 86.  His comment, "It makes so much sense now, that it is easy."  We had a bad teacher.
  3. Three walls of our dining room were torn out to replace studs eaten by termites.  What a mess.
  4. July saw the resignation of the band director and things were up in the air for summer band to start in two weeks.
  5. The kid got an AWESOME band director.  He has done great things with the kids.
  6. My dad finished his chemotherapy and started his slow recovery back to normal and cancer free.
  7. I started CrossFit and I kind of like it.
  8. School started and my stress level jumped up at least five notches.  
  9. October. Meh. The kid fails World History AP.
  10. I start coaching again and get a nifty job as a virtual coach.
  11. I think I ran a few times in October and November.
  12. My kid's friend from band is diagnosed with leukemia.
  13. December left me stressed out to stay on top of the kid to get his work done and help keep him on track for finals.  I think we passed.  I'm too chicken shit to look at the online grades.  It is what it is.  I cannot change the past.
And now it is 2014 and do I have anything to show for it other than stress tics in my left eyelid and a jacked up neck?  Personally, no. However, my dad is back to doing the things he enjoys.  My kid made Region Band. I haven't killed anyone with my cooking or burnt the house down trying to decorate the Christmas tree.  


I started today with a CrossFit workout that, at the end of the day, I was able to get the fastest time out of eight groups at the prescribed workout.  I have someplace to go to next week that is starting to excite me.  I have not had a vacation since that crazy Carnival Cruise last January.  I am in need of a vacation.  Bad.  

There is a shimmer of hope that this year will be much better than last year.  Let's see if I can make more than one post for this year.  I am back to being slow but I am still determined.

Later Gators,


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