Thursday, January 16, 2014

Er, yeah. I went for a run today.

When someone is paying you money to run with them, you run.  I can feel my effort now, and I am sure I will feel it tomorrow, but it shouldn't be too bad.  I have felt worse.

I did feel guilty the evening after the Dopey stuff ended when I saw plenty of people shuffling and having trouble getting in and out of the shuttle buses and on stairs at Downtown Disney.  I wasn't sore. Should I have been sore?  Crippled?  I can say that I was dog tired.  I still am today.  I want to take a nap all the time and I have even found myself getting loopy tired in the car as I am driving home and I have to guzzle a bunch of water to have to go to the bathroom to stay alert.  And I'm getting 6+ hours of sleep a night.  I guess I need more sleep than I thought.

The only place that I was sore after the race was my left foot.  On the bus back to the resort after the marathon, I was doing some ankle rolls and and ankle and toe flexes and found my left foot to be sore and tight.  After I found some food and got back to the resort room, I pulled off my shoes and socks and found this…

HOLY $#!%

How in the heck did that happe…..oh, wait….DANG!!! I forgot that the day before when I was in Epcot at the aquarium watching a dolphin demonstration that some goofball kid was swinging on a railing between to levels on the observation deck and swung through and landed on my left foot.  At the time, it hurt like hell and I yelled when it happened.  The kid, nor the parent, said anything and I just kept on moving.  After riding Test Track and having a beer at the Biergarten in the Germany pavilion, I had forgotten about my foot.  What is really sad is that I cannot find this beer in Houston.
After my shower, I slathered Traumeel on my foot and wrapped it up with some stretchy Kinisiotape.  It didn't hurt to walk around on and it almost felt better wrapped up.  After taking the tape off the next morning, the bruising was gone!  I still had some swelling so I reapplied the Traumeel, Kinisiotape, and compression socks for the flight home and after 24 hours, my foot was back to normal and no swelling or pain!

I had a tough CrossFit workout my first day back that involved LOTS of running and squats but I got through it.  I have taught two spin classes this week and they were tough, but I got through it.   The run today was good, but I stuck with a run/walk interval.  I don't want to wear the machine down because it still has to go out there and perform.

I still have to run for Josh.

I can see that there are about 50 people that are reading my blog posts each time I slap one up.  All it would take is for each person to go to this link...

and make a $25.00 donation to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society for me to hit a base goal of fundraising for Josh.  I really want to go beyond $2,000.00 and be able to help him and his family, as well as the research doctors LLS supports here in the Texas Medical Center.  I wouldn't do all of these stupid human tricks just for kicks.  I do them for others.

Help me help Josh.

Later Gators,


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