Sunday, October 7, 2007

Birthday Fun!

Only a complete tri-geek would have a great birthday getting up at 5:15 am in the morning, driving out 30 miles to pedal over 60 miles of rolling hills with your training buddies. The only thing that could have made it better was if all the roads we covered were as smooth as the ones in Montgomery County. Thanks to Geoff, Ryan, Nathalie, and Johnny Tri along with Lauren later in the day wishing me a Happy Birthday. It seems a little uneventful since USA Triathlon rules state that you must race under the age you will be on December 31st of the year. It seems like I had my birthday back on April 1st, when I did my first race of the season.

I did not make it to see the Yamoto Drummers of Japan. Instead I had dinner at California Pizza Kitchen after work and ate some pizza wih my son. We got to watch the Braves whup up on the NY Yankees. Friday I had a PT client that did a no-show and then I had my small group training session with 3 ladies that I train. Had lunch with my son and then it was off to train.

I was trying out a new Speedo race suit on the bike to see if it was comfortable with no pad in the seat. After an hour on the bike I had determined that it was ok. The road was rough in spots and the wind was gusty, but rough roads and wind are your friends during training according to one of my past cycling coaches.
The big surprise was when I came around a corner and came face to snout with a longhorn bull that had gotten out of the fence. I stayed calm, but moved past as quietly as I could with little distraction so that I would not get charged at. He was curious enough to stop chewing his cud and scope me out, but at least he held his ground and did not move.

I met up with Johnny Tri and we waited for another training buddy who did a no-show and then we put in some open water swimming time. JT had to practice in his wetsuit. I should be doing that as well since the swim at the World Championships is a wetsuit swim, but it was hot and the water was warm. We did just shy of a mile and then it was off to find some food and fuel up.

Saturday was an early morning setting out course signs for the Houston Marathon group that I am coaching with TEAM IN TRAINING and my trusty assitant coach, Johnny Tri, and I got in a 6.5 mile run before the rest of the group showed up to run at 6:45 am. With all the whining that JT was doing about the humidity, the length of the run, and the need to pee I was ready to open a liquor store. Well, read on and you will see how "What goes around, comes around".

Saturday afternoon I splurged and bought a new easy chair and ottoman. I had moved some furniture and made some more space in my living room because I am having a bunch of tri buddies over to watch the live feed of the Hawaii Ironman next Saturday. So moving the sofa left a huge spot on the floor that needed to be filled with a chair. The best part was it fit in the back of my Honda Element (I love that car!).

So then it was Sunday and that great ride. I have a cousin who has a birthday the day before I do. 20 years ago she was in a car accident that left her in a wheel chair. I consider myself to be very lucky to take a bike ride on my Birthday because Jayne will never get the chance to do that. Be thankful for the small things or the things that seem insignificant.

O.K. I have work to do so I will get back later!