Friday, October 26, 2007

Change in the weather...

Fall has finally hit the Lone Star State! The only bad thing is that it is still hot in Clearwater, Florida and I am not getting that good heat training in anymore. Last Monday we had a Blue Norther run thru the state bringing rain and high winds. By that evening, the rain had stopped and it was dry enough to run track practice for my TNT marathon group. I wore a long sleeve tech shirt and a thin running vest and shed down to my shimmel top soon after we got started.

Tuesday was bright and sunny and it has been that way all week long with lows in the 40's and highs in the 70's. It has stayed windy and I have not been on my bike other than the trainer on the back deck of the house so I have not had the pleasure of beating myself up with the wind yet. The running has been fabulous!

Today I had my last long run of 11 miles before I race at the Ford Ironman 70.3 World Championships on November 10th. The race is just 2 weeks away! This weekend, Geoff and I have our last high volume training weekend before we start tapering back the miles but keeping the intensity up for a few more days and then it will be slug time for a few days of travel and getting set for the big race day. Clearwater has a huge causeway bridge that we have to go over two times on our bike and four times on the run. Geoff and I will be training on the Kemah bridge this weekend riding and running so that we know what we are going to be up against. I have to give David and Mitch a call to see if they want to join us since it will be their last weekend to get it in as well. I am really jazzed about the race. I know that I can finish it and hopefully go faster than my usual times that have been all within a few minutes of each other. I would like to think that I could crack this one wide open but we shall see. I may be the last one in my age group to cross the line like I was at the USAT Short Course Nationals a few years ago. But hey! I get all the cool shwag!!!

The other important news is that I have 83 half marathoners and 75 full marathoners that recommitted to TEAM IN TRAINING in my training group for the Houston Marathon!!! That is not counting the three other training areas. I am super stoked because they have almost met last year's fundraising total and they still have lots of time to keep raising money for the fight against leukemia, lymphoma, and other blood related cancers. MY TRAINING GROUP ROCKS!!!

All right, it is time to go raid the kitchen or go out and find some food in this city.

More later about my Saturday workout with the peeps...

Coach Liz

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JohnnyTri said...

bout time you get your comments thingy workin` again!! duh...

Don't worry about the heat training stuff.. I'll be there to capture every puking moment that your out there! HA~!