Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Day after Kona IM...

What a day in Kona! Huge surprises all the way around. Familiar faces were missing or puking their guts out on the bike and new faces and rookies were riding/running like they stole it...and they did. Now we get to see if Crowie and Sam can defend their titles in Clearwater. It should be interesting to see it all play out. Now we just have to wait for NBC to put together their IM show to see all the stuff that was not happening at the front. All of the human interest stories are the ones that make you cry or inspire you to make that big leap of faith and sign up for an Ironman.

I would love to do another one, but my schedule is hard with a nine year-old and a husband who does a lot of international travel and when he is home, works nights. It is hard to get all of that training done. I can handle half IM training and even that is tough on some days. I will stick with the half IM distance for a while until my son is a little older. I know that sounds like a cop-out, but I don't have a better way to get the training in without becoming a single triathlete and possibly loose custudy of a kid because all I do is train. Not as bad as being a drug addict, but very very close. That is why the number of men far outnumber the women at these distances. You have to have the support to do the training and unless the family or partner is part of the triathlon world, it is very hard for them to understand the drive and the desire.

Ok, enough of that...

Yesterday, I had a blast! After going and running a 10K with my TNT group, Johnny Tri and I headed to the casa and hooked up the laptop to the flat screen Sony and started the live-feed of the Hawaii IM. We downed a bag of BAKED Tostitos and salsa as we got things hooked up and then...URL not Found!!!

No coverage for almost an hour!!! What's up with that??? Some ding-dong probably tripped over a power cord and lost the feed. Well in the mean time, it was time for more food and more friends showed up. Geoff and Lauren along with Sunny and Jay showed up. Jay it a great friend! He brought me 4 6-packs bottles of Dr. Pepper made with Imperial Cane Sugar! DP from the can just doesn't taste the same. It is $7 a 6-pack and it is worth it. Thanks Jay!!! Johnny Tri was on to his second sandwich and we waited patienly for the live-feed to come back. Norma and Luke showed up and Luke brought his framed finish photo and medal from The Longhorn Half Ironman, his first Half IM distance race. Luke finished in 6:22!!! Great effort for a first Half. Congratulations Luke!!!

Now that most everyone was there, it was time to start digging into the brownies. I have gotten famous for my brownies and Norma had requested them. I'm not sure how well brownies go with Corona beer, but both were consumed in large quantities. I passed on the beer. If I am going to ingest calories, I would rather it be chocolate over barley and hops. Sunny and Jay had to leave because Sunny was ready for a nap. She did her first 10K that morning and she did a great job. She earned that nap. Dustin and Shika brought some more Corona and the bike leg was playing out on the live-feed that had come back up.

Right now my house is the cleanest that it has been...probably ever, lol. Naw, it has been clean before, but with work and training, and keeping up with family stuff the house gets neglected. I have a post card in my bathroom by the mirror that states, "A clean house is a sign of a waisted life." I live by that motto.

Ok, I have lots more to blog about but I have a project for work that has been looming over me for literally months and I was asked about it on Friday and I lied and said it was done. So I have to do it today!

I will write more later...