Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Well, it is time for the holiday sugar rush to begin. Each year between the days leading up to Halloween until just after Christmas people everywhere will be over-indulging on sugary sweets, tasty fattening goodies, and the standard second helping. It is also the time of year that females dress up in some "hoochy" version of any occupation, fairy, bug, or sport participant and males to either dress up as something way too scary for little children or too tacky to really be out in public. I am not trying to rain on any one's parade here. Just my observations.

My kid's first costume choice was Metal Skull Biker which to my relief was sold out when we went costume shopping on Sunday. I guess that means I will have lots of Metal Skull Bikers knocking on my door for the goods. His second choice was the Scream Mask which reminds me of the painting The Scream and frankly I find a bit disturbing. We left Party City without a costume and headed off to Target to see what was left. The costume selection was pretty sparse due to Halloween parties being held over the weekend. At Target we found "THE COSTUME". I find it amazing that Star Wars continues to have legs after 30 years and still generates millions of dollars. My kid will be decked out as a Storm Trooper or Clone Trooper or Super Trooper or what ever the hell it is. Here is the kicker. The picture on the package shows this great costume that looks like it has all of these cool plates of body armor on it but in reality it looks like a pair of Storm Trooper pajamas that are full and hang down in the butt with molded card board shoulder pads sewn in the shoulder seams. It is a good thing the costume was on sale for $21.99 and I did not have to pay the $40.00 full price ticket.

Well, my Taper has started as I start winding down to the 70.3 World Championships. On Friday I ran my last long run of 11 miles and felt great. Saturday morning my TNT peeps ran either 6 or 11 miles and then I picked up Geoff and Ryan and we headed down to Kemah to ride and run over the Kemah bridge. Traffic was hellish and we cut our ride short but now at least we know how we are going to feel running over that bridge in Clearwater next week. We had a good workout and Geoff and I feel prepared for what we are going to face in our last race of the season. I have done some short efforts but slacking off generally. I have a swim today and tomorrow is a last ride that i may put off until Friday if my bike is not ready at the shop tomorrow.

Travel is one week away and I need to start getting my gear laid out so that I can have everything packed and ready before hand rather than pulling an all night packing rush.

More later on the trick-or-treat events of my Storm Trooper,


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