Monday, March 10, 2008

I'm Screwed!!!

O.K., I may not be totally screwed, but I will be undergoing a HUGE change in the way I live, train, and eat.

Today I found out from my friendly physician that I am allergic to wheat and corn.

I went in for blood work because I suspected a food allergy a few days before the LA Marathon. My results came back and not only was I high in the histamines but I was low in B-12, iron, and deficient for Vitamin D. I was given a B-12 injection, put on oral B complex twice a day, iron and Vitamin D once a day and to combat the allergies and to get some relief from the hives and itching skin and eyes I am now taking Singulair, Hydroxyzine, and Zantac which is normally used for stomach acid but also contains a histamine blocker.

I am mourning the loss of cookies, bread pudding, french toast, tortilla chips, corn on the cob, pop corn, beer, and anything that contains maltodextrin. It is the last one that is gonna kill me. Maltodextrin is the first and major ingredient in all sports drinks and every packet of Power Gel, Car-BOOM, and Hammer Gel. Thank God for Shot Bloks and Clif Shot made with rice syrup. I have to take a look at the bars, but for now Power Bars are out because they are made with Corn syrup.

All I can say is that at least chocolate was not one of the things that I was allergic to. I will be making an appointment with an allergist for the oh so fun allergy tests on the back and arms with the nurse who tells you, "Don't scratch!"

I have a feeling that this may have played a part in my LA Marathon stomach issues. I had taken the Power Gels a bit more frequently than I do in normal trainings so that I had energy in early so when it got hot and I switched mainly to sports drinks for calories I would be ahead of the game. One too many gels with something that is going to cause an allergic reaction can play havoc on the digestive system.

I will be learning as much as I can about this and it looks like I get to go on the Paleo Diet for life now. I followed the Paleo Diet while I was training for IMAZ and felt great. So it is back on the wagon and clean living again.

More on this as I find out the details...



Rainmaker said...

Wow...that must be amazingly difficult. I can't imagine being told I can't eat all those things.

Good luck! At least chocolate isn't out!

TNTcoach Ken said...

No beer! Why finish a race now? That’s my carrot on the end of the stick… least you know what to do now.

CoachLiz said...

Chocolate and Tequila Shots!!!

Viv said...

LOL @ the chocolate and tequilla! That really is difficult, I imagine most of the crap I eat would fall on that list. You are made of iron so what is with the deffiency? Totally kidding :-D
Let's see what happens with the testing. I hope it is not too serious. At least you are in route to get some guidance. Who knows I am sure one of these drug companies are working on a 'pill" for wheat & corn allergies.

Viv said...
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Viv said...

I knew it would double post..I have NO patience.

Anonymous said...

Drink more Sake!!!

TJ said...

Oh man...a beerless life. Bummer.

Seems like Amanda Lovato had similar issues.
Good luck figuring it out.

Paul said...

Wow, that's gonna be hard. Good luck with making the transition. I bet once you start feeling better it will be easier to stick with the changes.

Ryan said...

Well Crap, Just think now you HAVE to eat healthy.

Why can't I be lucky enough to be allergic to corn and wheat? It would be sushi and sake for life. Domo Arigato!

Desiree Ficker is allergic to wheat also, you are not alone.

Formulaic said...

Wait! Hold the phones; I think there is a solution for you.

Bud Light is made with rice not wheat so beer is still on the menu!

Thank goodness for little miracles.