Monday, March 17, 2008

Need I say more???

Alright, so maybe that is way too much information to be putting out on the blog but at least now I have a justifiable reason for being a hag.

So, I really needed a shot of HAPPY today and since the kid is on Spring Break, we headed to the zoo. I love the zoo. I did not even mind that we had to park in the lot that was way back there and that it was really crowded. The high today was 79, but at least it was partly cloudy and very windy to keep things cool. The zoo is undergoing some renovations for a new African Mammal section to open in 2009. So, some of the things we normally get to see, were no longer there. The rhinos, and gorillas were absent. I guess they are on loan to another zoo until construction is finished. Most spectacular was that the tigers were active today! It was aquathlon time in the tiger exhibit!!! One of the tigers was taking a stroll along the back of the compound and then he would hop in to the moat at the far end and swim to the other end of the moat and climb out to repeat his trek around the compound. The other tiger would follow and then chicken out of getting in the water and bound over the logs and rocks to meet his buddy as he exited the water. Over and over they did this. I must have watched them for a good 30 minutes. There is a nice observation deck and at the side of the compound there is a huge glass wall. I took in all the action from both vantage points. Hmm...if a tiger was in the water with you, would you swim faster? The answer is YES. We got to see the Sea Lions do some tricks and lots of animal feedings. Somehow we timed it just right to see the giraffes, Asian elephants, orangutans, and otters get fed. It really helped to brighten my mood. I did have to make a gift shop purchase. I could not pass it up. Like I need another magnet on my refridgerator, but this on is cool...

Norma Update:
Norma got the clearance to go home this afternoon after another round of MRI and X-rays. She was also finally given some pain medication. The doctors did not want to give her anything until they could determine if the injury was more serious. Norma sent me a picture of her helmet with a chunk out of it. It saved her life! She is going to take the bike into the shop tomorrow to get it checked out as well. She is stiff and sore, but she is going to get better!

O.K., yes I promised an update from the two great rides I did this weekend, but I have to get some pictures off my camera. Look for an update soon.

Have a great day!



Lance Notstrong said...

My bike helmet definitely saved my head and the side of my face from being called "Scar Face".

Rainmaker said...

Good to hear Norma is doing better!

I always enjoy when the animals are actually in some state of active when ya go to the zoo. It's a bummer when they're all doing thier 'rest day' thing.

Viv said...

Ahh, great news on Norma. The pain pills is also good so she can get some comfy rest.

The zoo sounded like a nice day and just what you needed. The new magnet is soo cute!

The Lazy Triathlete said...

We are men may be stupid and gullible, but you women are EVIL. :)

At least I don't do things that dumb to my wife. I like to keep her happy. That keeps me out of trouble. :)