Friday, September 12, 2008

11pm IKE Update

Well, in my neck of the woods we have sustained winds of 22 mph with gusts of 45 mph. We are still dry but the rain and heavier wind is now getting ready to move inside Beltway 8 on the south end of town. Houston has two "Loops" that circle around it. The 1st one is the 610 Loop. This area is downtown, and extends out about 10 miles in each direction, give or take a few miles. Where I tend to do a lot of my running at Memorial Park is west of downtown just inside the 610 Loop. The 2nd "Loop" is the Sam Houston Tollway or Beltway 8. Beltway 8 is an additional 10 miles outside of the 610 Loop. I live just outside of the Beltway on the NW end of town. So, the heavier weather is about 35 to 40 miles SE of where I am.

Temps are still very warm at 84 degrees. Many areas have lost power and they are predicting that power could be out for months in Galveston county and for weeks in the southern part of Houston. I am sure that we will loose power, but how long it will be off is the big question.

I'm pretty tired and heading to bed. I doubt that I will be "up to run" at 5 am with these conditions. That is why I got in 8+ miles earlier today. Possibly I can get some more in later tomorrow.

Ok, more tomorrow.

Later Gators,



Jeff said...

Been thinking about you and my other Houston friends.

Looking forward to a post-Ike report!

Speed Racer said...

I hope everything's alright down there! I hope the reason that you haven't posted more is because you've been out running and having a grand old time jumping in puddles rather than because you lost power, or your house got blown away to Oz.

Most of all, I hope you and yours are safe.

TNTcoach Ken said...

Hoping all is well with you guys.