Monday, September 8, 2008

Redemption Run

Ok, you read about the miserable run I had on last week's race. I had been pretty bummed out all week and I did not do much in the way of working out other than lifting some weights.

Well, the winds, they are a changing...

Hurricane Gustav has been pulling some amazing weather down from the north into H-town. On Saturday morning the temps were 72 degrees with 48% humidity!!! That rarely happens in Houston. Most times it is 72 degrees and 79 - 83% humidity. So our Nike Women's Marathon group was going to run 14 miles and the San Antonio Rock n' Roll Marathon group was going to run 12 miles. Since I had skipped last week's 18 mile training run due to resting up for the Oly tri I wanted to make sure to do the longer distance and add a bit extra with an extra loop around Memorial Park to "head out long" before running towards downtown and the George R. Brown Convention Center.

It was an AWESOME run!!! I felt great the entire time. I remembered to have an inhaler that worked and I only had to use it before I got started. It was funny to run past the finish line of the Food Allergy 5K and see them unloading plastic bakery boxes of muffins out of the back of a truck. What's up with that??!!?? LOL!!! "Hey, are you Glutin intolerant? Have a muffin!" I am wondering if they had little bags of nuts and milk to hand out as well.

I made two pit stops. The park stop was not as long as making the stop in the Hilton. I stopped to fill up some of my Fuel Belt bottles. Total non running time was around 7 minutes.

I was feeling so good that on the way back into the park, I decided to "run in long" all the way around the park rather than "go in short" and go about 1/4 mile back to the picnic table. I felt GREAT!!! I was stunned when I looked at my stats...

Distance: 19.03 miles
Total Time: 3:00 hours, 56 seconds
Max HR: 154 bpm
Ave. HR: 140 bpm
Max Pace: 7:25 min/mile
Ave Pace: 9:31 min/mile ( 7 min of stops included in this)
Calories: 1557


My calves are a little tight, but nothing bad. Yesterday I spent most of the day in bed with a terrible migraine that made me want to rip off the right side of my head. I have a feeling it was due to stuff in my neck and back but I feel better this morning after laying around all day watching Indy racing with my kid and sleeping 10 hours.

Later Gators!



Jeff said...

Nice run, Liz. Awesome weather for Houston. Looks like Ike might be coming your way, though.

Eric said...

Wow!!! Av HR 140/Ave pace 9:31....that's a great combination!!!

Rainmaker said...

Nice run... 19 miler. Sweet!

Oh, and I like the new look to the site. All sleek!

TNTcoach Ken said...

Avg HR 154 bpm! That is awesome. You've found your mojo and maybe even mine.