Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Kid's Jay Leno Meet Up

I am finally getting around to putting up this SUPER FANTASTIC PHOTO of Buddy with Jay Leno at the Laguna Seca Auto Show in Monterey, California a few weeks ago. Cars are a huge hobby of Mr. Leno and Buddy. Buddy was able to meet Mr. Leno last year and he made it his goal again to meet Jay and get his autograph and a picture with him.

Here he is telling Jay all about what is under the hood.

Buddy went to the Pebble Beach car show the next day and ran into Mr. Leno again. Not bad!

Later Gators,



Spokane Al said...

Very cool!

Benson said...

That is great. So cool to meet Jay Leno. Lucky Buddy. I'm envious. Jays car and motorcycle collection is awesome.

Luke Valdez said...
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Luke Valdez said...

You should have asked him for a free car =)

Rainmaker said...

That's awesome, quite cool!

Steve Stenzel said...

Those are great photos!! I bet he LOVED it!!