Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I can't get to sleep!

I have a class to teach in 4 hours and 15 minutes and I cannot get to sleep. It is going to kill me later today. This is not what I need the few days before Longhorn 70.3 and with lots of stuff still left to do. I am sure that I cannot sleep because I know I have lots to do.

But here are some random thoughts...

1. I look like an idiot in my Aero helmet. I feel like a poser in it as well. When you show up to the race with that thing on it screams "Hey! I'm fast!" Well, my last few races with that thing on I have not had stelar bike splits. They are good bike splits, but nothing super special or super impressive. I guess the fact that eats at me is the large amount of people who pass me up on the bike course and what they must be thinking as they blow by me. I think it is something along the lines of, "That helmet is not helping much now is it?"

2. Why am I having so much trouble trying to get a power meter for my bike? I started out with a Polar and the thing was not working and Polar asked for it back. I got an SRM and it went blank on me during a workout and won't charge up any more. I have to take it in to the shop because the sensors are on the chain rings but it is too close to the race to do without my bike. So now I have to get another bike computer just so I have speed and cadence.

3. I cannot download any of my Polar run files to Training Peaks because I have a Mac. I have a PC, but it won't let me do anything on it anymore because I filled up the memory with my iTunes files. I am a technology dummy.

4. Why does the Klondike card game on my iPod have music that plays in the background that sounds like it should be part of the Boogie Nights soundtrack? What is up with that?

5. Will my child ever eat vegetables? I put them in front of him and they get scooted around the plate and then his father yells at him for not eating them and basically force feeds the kid and he gags. My step mom has the magic touch and has gotten him to eat asparagus, cauliflower, corn, potatoes, and yams. I guess I don't have the magic touch.

6. Will I ever stop itching? My doctor and my allergist have asked me in the last month if I have made all the changes in my house to make it a better environment to live in. These changes include getting rid of the carpet and padding in the house. This has not been done. El Esposo says that having the carpets cleaned 3 to 4 times a year is good enough. I don't know anymore. I am scratching myself raw. I would hate to loose the carpet and have the house echo but the itching is bad.

Ok, I am still not tired, but I am going to try to go back to bed...



The Lazy Triathlete said...

I have learned over the years to still sleep when things are on my mind. I don't know how or what I have done to make sure that I get some sleep. I am still trying to get my wife to grasp this. She was up last night, which means I am I am up.

On the veggie side--it will come. I use to HATE brocolli. Now I enjoy it.

Viv said...

Oh Liz I could so relate on the lack of sleep and random and yes random thoughts. Had to nip in the bud with a sleep aid because it was seriously taking it's toll on me.

You do not look like a poser hush up chica! My bike makes me feel like a poser. I should be rolling up in a tricycle with my splits.

Greyt Times said...

I like the helmet!!! It DOES make you look fast!!

Eric said...

#1. You're probably plenty fast for that helmet.
#2. I don't know :-)
#3. I thought Mac's did everything.
#4. Alot of games have Boogie Nights music.....I've noticed that too.
#5. Put the veggies in a blender :-)
#6. You might never stop itching.

Spandex King said...

I always say if you can't be fast at least look like you might be fast.

Speed Racer said...

Insomnia is the WORST. I hear ya. I don't even try anymore, I just pop Tylenol PM like M&Ms. I hope it works out better for you!

My personal asshole opinion on aero helmets is that passing people makes you look fast. Aero helmets make you look like a tool if you're not passing people. But I'm an asshole, so you don't have to listen to me, especially since I have no idea how you ride. And if you paid money for the darned thing, you might as well use it!

I feel your pain on Macs! Sure, they SAY there's a Mac version of everything, but you have to download so much damned freeware to make it work that I always give up before I get it working. My PC takes about 20 minutes to even turn on, but it's still better than trying to figure out how to get stuff to work on a Mac. I feel your pain. *fist bump*

Kim said...

glad to know I'm not the only mom with a full time job who also thinks she can pull off being an athlete... who can't sleep! you would think we would give ourselves a break, now & then, but no... we're the type to push ourselves... probably too far... and so I'm sitting at home during one of the busiest weeks of my life sick with a nasty sinus infection that I ignored and let go too long until I got too dizzy & weak to do anything else but break down and go to the dr.

back to your quandries: you are still my hero. Your Aero helmet rocks. i'm a vegan with a house full of veggies/fruits, and my son still only eats hamburgers and pizza. he'll live. carpet is the spawn of satan. let the house echo. I love my Kava kava... http://www.umm.edu/altmed/articles/kava-kava-000259.htm

hope the race this weekend goes well!

Flatman said...

We got rid of the carpet downstairs...wood is a bitch to leep clean/dust free.

Sorry about the sleep issues...my wife is the same way. I can fall asleep in about 10 seconds, no matter what is going on, so I can't help ya!

Good luck this weekend...you ROCK that sperm helmet!!! ;)

Flatman said...

dammit. leep = keep

TNTcoach Ken said...

Wow, here are am trying to help with the government bailout and I sleep like a baby. Sounds like a lot going on. Just like you eat an elephant, take it one at a time....

Steve Stenzel said...

You DO look super speedy in that second photo!!

Good luck with the itching!!

Rainmaker said...

1) Of course, because ya are fast.
2) Put it in the freezer. It won't help the problem, but at least it will be out of sight.
3) I am PC. Buy a PC.
4) Buy a Zune, problem solved.
5) Only if you trick him. Tricky solves all the worlds problems.
6) If it itches, cut it off. Or trick it, it might solve that problem too.

Happy to help. :)

Jeff said...

I dunno, you look pretty damn fast to me. (And screw the voices in your head talking to you about what other people might think.)