Friday, September 12, 2008

Ike Update


It is 12:30 pm on Friday afternoon and so far on my end of town it is still calm. I was able to move an afternoon acupuncture appointment up to 8:20 this morning and after that I headed to the gym to finish payroll and do a Pilates session with a client. I got to the club and it was locked down tight. I just hope that someone took care of approving the payroll for my 4 people that taught a class last night.

I was bright and sunny up until about 20 minutes ago and now it is kind of grey but the sun pops out of the clouds here and there. I went around the house and took photos inside and out for insurance purposes and took photos of the cars. I was able to do some grocery shopping this morning and we have enough munchies and food for a good week if the power is out. We have a BBQ as well so we are good to go. I stopped by Blockbuster and picked up a few movies in case we get tired of 24/7 storm coverage. All programing has been halted for the local news and weather coverage.

Galveston, TX is about 65 miles south of where I live, but already, the bay side of the island is seeing rising water. Moody Gardens where the Lone Star Tri Festival takes place has all of its parking lots with about a foot of water in them. On the Gulf side, the water is crashing up and over the Seawall and there is lots of debris that is being washed up on the roads. Many of the low lying areas where I like to train in Seabook and Kemah are flooded as well and (HORRORS!) water has already started entering the Seabrook Dairy Queen.
Here is the casa with no storm damage...

...and the backyard with the fence up. We have had past storms rip the fence down before and it costs a ton to replace.

El Esposo has decided that this is a GREAT TIME to rip up the deck on the back and re-do it. Whatever...if it keeps him busy that is fine with me. The power tools are grinding away outside right now. It had to be done eventually, but I guess this is one of the few times he is at home and not working so I will let him work out that testosterone and wield a hammer.

And a parting shot of me with my pre-storm smile with my hair having a bad day but I could give two rat's tails about it. I think I kind of look like I stole Uncle Jesse's hair from Full House. Oh well, it is in that funky in between stage and it can only get better or gain the Cousin It look.

Ok, more updates in a few hours!

Later Gators,



Flatman said...

"and (HORRORS!) water has already started entering the Seabrook Dairy Queen."


Seriously, where will you get them!?

Double Seriously: stay safe down there!

Paul said...

Hopefully this will be over soon and you can get back to normal! with a new deck.

Rainmaker said...

Keep safe! And when it doubt...simply eat more Ice Cream and think of the flooded DQ!

Viv said...

Liz you are a nut, uncle Jesse's hair?? Whatever! It is growing back well.