Monday, September 29, 2008

It's ALIVE!!!

My Blog is alive again!!!

17 days after Ike interrupted the lives of millions of us in southeast Texas, I have gotten the last piece of my life back in place. Comcast reconnected my cable and internet service! I feel like I have been out of touch with the world and I have only caught snippets of what is going on in the world from radio and what I can glance off the television screens at work.

It seems our country is in a bit of a financial problem. I am not going to go on a rant about who is to blame and why our country is in the position that it is in but I think that if all of us took the time to look into our own savings accounts and credit card accounts, we would all find areas that could use some work. So I am going to make an effort to continue to pay off my credit card like I have been doing. I kind of like the fact that I am making the my credit card company angry that I just don't pay the minimum each month. I have passed on purchases that were not out of necessity and I will continue to do so. I plan to give more gifts that are things that I have made with care. No, I am not re-gifting that stationary set I got a year or so ago. But if you don't mind, I might give you a hand knit scarf or a gift box of cranberry bread, some cookies, and holiday candies. By the way, two scarfs are already done while I had down time from Ike.

I have the Longhorn 70.3 race this weekend in Austin, Texas. Since my training took a hit with the storm, my kiddo being off school for over a week, and the pool being closed and tons of debris in the street, I am going into this race with NO expectations. Right now the plan is to go and have a good time and see lots of cool pros. Michele Jones, Simon Whitfield, Tim DeBoom, Richie Cunningham and others are to be there. WOW, does this mean that they race a 70.3 the week before Ironman Kona??? The strange thing is, when I go and race with no expectations, I usually end up doing well. We shall see what happens on Sunday. I have been back to the doctor's for a B-12 injection and my energy is up a little bit. I have a lymphatic massage tomorrow and the probiotics I have been taking have helped some of my GI track issues. I have been having some foot issues while running. No blisters are showing up but my feet feel like I have mega blisters on the outside edge of my big toes and along the balls of the feet. The pain goes away after I stop running, but when I start again the pain is back. I have changed shoes and tried some friction patches but the pain is still there after mile 12.

And now for the bummer news. I found out today that our Team in Training group had our hotel for the San Antonio Rock n' Roll Marathon changed. We were supposed to stay at the Marriott Riverwalk hotel and now we will be staying at the Marriott on Loop 401, WAY OFF THE RIVERWALK. It seems that the recommitment rate for this new marathon was very high (which is awesome because that means more money for cancer research...) and they wanted to give the hotels closest to the race start to the chapters who were traveling in from out of state. This is understandable, but I am still bummed out about being moved over where all the road construction is and now we have to pay $50 for ground transportation that will take us to the race start and shuttle us back and forth for packet pick up, the pasta dinner, the victory dinner, and all the other events. Anyway, I am really looking forward to this marathon and getting to run to all the Spanish Missions.

Ok, off to get something to eat and then I get to watch Dancing With the Stars!!!

Later Gators,



The Lazy Triathlete said...

You had a much better reason for not blogging than I. I am glad that you are back home, with power and you are getting ready for the Longhorn 70.3. Damn I miss TX.

Viv said...

Cool on being reconected!

Best wishes for this weekend have fun!

I do hope the foot pain heals soon.

That is a bummer about being moved off the Riverwalk.

OK who is Liz picking on to win it this season???

Jeff said...

Welcome back to the blogosphere.

I'd say you missed a few things while your cable was down. Not so sure that was a bad thing!

Good luck with your 70.3 this weekend. Will be anxiously awaiting the race report.