Tuesday, November 11, 2008

5 Days...

...and my job today is to go to REI and buy 5 Clif Shots in Strawberry, Mocha, and Raspberry. I am going to avoid Speedy's advice to sample every performance enhancing food/drink at the Expo. I did that at the L.A. marathon expo and I ate different stuff than I normally would have before a run and it cost me big time. I cannot remember a time that I was in that much physical pain in my core other than the long 29 of labor before the doctor decided to take my son by C-section. IT WAS THAT BAD, thankfully it did not last that long. I only had to endure that marathon pain for less than three hours. That is not going to happen this time around! NO BAD FOOD!

Ok, here is the next part of my TEAM PURPLE running outfit...Yes, just like the shoes the shorts are really not purple but they have the TNT logo on them and these have been good race shorts when I did the Houston Marathon. I like all the pockets so I can stash my Clif shots and the pocket that has the velcro flap so that I do not loose my hotel key card or I can have a $20 ready for a post race massage. I use the big pocket on the back to stuff gloves in if it is chilly enough to start off with gloves. I will NOT stuff the pockets with everything but the kitchen sink. 5 Clif Shots and not much more.

Ok, I did my 30 minutes of easy cycling in the small chain ring this morning and I am good to sit on my butt for the rest of the day.

More TEAM PURPLE kit tomorrow! Later Gators,



Viv said...

Everytime I come to your blog I giggle at that lady in red looking at you on your header.
Sounds like your good to go Liz! Enjoy resting the rest of the day , the weather is perfect for that.

Ryan said...

I always forget the money for the post race massage.

Bikes come with a small chainring? ;)